All copywriters work a little differently. This page will give you more insight into my approach and what to expect with your upcoming project.

Getting started

During busy periods, you may be looking at a two to four week wait – especially if it is a big job. However, I can sometimes fit smaller jobs in sooner. So the best thing to do is give me a call so I can tell you what’s realistic at any given time.

Also, I work on a ‘first come, first serve’ basis. This means that the sooner you approve my quote, the sooner I will schedule in your work and give you a definitive timeline.

It’s a good idea – especially if we haven’t worked together before. Meeting you personally and seeing your business in action will give me useful insight.

If you’re not in Melbourne or we don’t have time to meet before your project starts, phone or Skype are great options.

That depends. It could take a day or it could take several weeks. But I’ll tell you upfront when I expect your project to be complete.

I always take your deadlines seriously and do whatever I can to meet them.

How I work

Yes, it’s always me, Vikki.

Over the years I have tried subcontracting work to other writers, but it rarely worked out as I hoped.  I have learnt that my clients engage me for me – so that’s what they deserve to get.

Not personally. But I partner with a talented graphic designer and a trusted web design team I can refer you to.

However, don’t expect me to refer you on and forget about you. Wherever possible, I prefer to be kept in the loop during the design process to ensure the content and design complement each other in every way.

Generally, no. I used to offer ‘marketing consulting’ as a separate service, but not any more. My passions are now writing and writing skills training.

However, you can still expect to benefit greatly from my marketing expertise. As the saying goes: ‘you can take the girl out of marketing, but you can’t take marketing out of the girl’.

Website optimisation is complicated and involves many factors. Integrating the right keywords and phrases into your content is just one aspect. But it’s the one I can help you with.

I am always happy to work with your SEO consultant to make sure all bases are covered to increase your search engine rankings.

Changes and edits

After gathering a detailed brief, I start writing your first draft. I will probably call or email you several times during the drafting process to ask you questions or to clarify certain facts.

Once the first draft is ready for your review, I’ll email it to you and ask for your comments and changes. I’ll then send you a second draft and ask again.

This process continues until you are 100% happy.

Assuming there is no change in scope, as many as you need until you are 100% happy.

Sometimes when you send me changes, they might qualify as a change to the brief. This may not always be instantly clear to you.

If your changes are outside the scope of my original quote, I will let you know what the financial impact will be before doing the extra work.

In all my years of writing this has never happened.

However, if what I have written is not even close to what you were expecting, then we need to go back to the brief and understand what went wrong.

Fees and invoicing

I give you a fixed quote upfront. No hourly rates and no unpredictable ‘dollar per word’ schedules.

I will send you an invoice for 50% of the quoted project fee upon commencement. I will then invoice you the balance when I complete the job.

You are free to ask for text changes after your invoice is paid. There will be no extra charge.

One face-to-face meeting is included in all my project quotes. This meeting is particularly useful at the briefing stage. If you want to meet in person a second or third time, I charge $195 plus GST per hour.

I do not charge for telephone communication and advice.