My guarantees are very simple

My copywriting guarantee

Most copywriters do no more than two rounds of changes. Not me. Instead, I offer the following guarantee:

I’ll work on your copy until you’re 100% happy.

So assuming your brief doesn’t change, I’ll do as many rounds of changes as you need at no extra charge. I keep going and going until you’re beaming.

(PSSST… just between you and me: because my first drafts usually hit the mark, I really only ever need to do one or two rounds of minor changes anyway. But I’ll do 26 if you want me to.)

My training guarantee

I’ve been running writing skills workshops with outstanding success since 2008 – so I’m confident that your team will get real benefit. That’s why I offer my training guarantee:

If you feel your people don’t get value from the day, you don’t have to pay. No exceptions. No excuses.

It’s as simple as that!

If you’re looking for a copywriter or writing skills trainer who is prepared to guarantee your investment, please contact me today.