It’s a team effort

Giving my clients the immense value they deserve isn’t a one-woman job. That’s why I searched high and low, far and wide for brilliant brains and kick-arse creatives to form my tribe.

Even though I believe content is king, I also know it’s just one ingredient to your marketing success. So if you also need a web designer, graphic designer or SEO expert to do your brand justice, look no further.

The people who help make it happen


My right-hand gal

Victoria is my dream catch – a qualified marketer with a knack for the written word. She helps ensure the integrity of all copy and content that goes out the Refresh Marketing door. And as a millienial, she keeps me up to speed on what’s hot… and what’s not. I’d be lost without her.


Witty wordsmith

Bold, bubbly and bright. Sara is a writing whizz and an invaluable member of my tribe. She brings scriptwriting and digital marketing experience from Brisbane to New York City – and a fresh perspective I couldn’t do without.


Dynamite digital designer

If you’re looking to frame my words in a simple, clean and creative website, you need to meet Sari. Sari and I collaborate on countless projects as close business partners (we even work side-by-side in the same office). And when you pair my words with Sari’s creative genius? It’s a match made in heaven.


Gifted graphic designer

Donna is my graphic designer of choice. Our worlds first collided more than six years ago, when we both volunteered our creative services to our kids’ primary school. And as many clients have pleasantly discovered since, the value and quality we deliver together are tough to beat.

But it doesn’t stop there

I also have close strategic partnerships with many other high-calibre professionals across the
marketing chain:

  • Search Engine Marketing (Adwords campaigns)… ask me about Mel
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)… ask me about Harry
  • Social media strategy and management… ask me about Nancy
  • Photography… ask me about Lee
  • Video production… ask me about Ryan
  • Marketing consulting… ask me about Tamara, Dina or Tess

So if you need a dream team for your upcoming project, contact me today.