More than just a copywriter

I’m a marketer. Not a stuffy English major.

Many copywriters are former journalists or English majors. Although these writers know the importance of correct sentence structure and grammar, they’re less likely to understand your commercial objectives.

As a marketing professional, I know how to identify and articulate your unique points of difference – to put you a cut above the rest.

When I’m not writing, I’m teaching others how to do it

How did I become a skilled writer?

Other than years of writing practice and experience, I’ve also been teaching others how to do it for a very long time. I’ve been a writing skills trainer since 2008. And with each and every session I run, I remind myself of the importance of clear, compelling writing and how to achieve it.

What better way to constantly improve and refine one’s art?

I ‘get’ design

Content and design are not mutually exclusive, but they’re often treated that way.

Unlike other copywriters, I’m eager to ensure the design of your brochure or website complements and enhances the content. Although I’m not a designer, I do have an eye for design. And my clients really value the design suggestions I make to improve the overall impact of their communication.

(PSST: I partner with a team of super-talented creative professionals on many projects. So if you need a seamless content/design experience or a sound SEO strategy as well, let me know!)

Easy to work with

When you’re looking for a professional to support your business, you want a good listener and a skilled communicator. You also want someone who is adaptable, friendly and easy-going.

Although I know I’m all these things, I also know it’s impossible for you to be sure without talking to me directly. So why not pick that phone up and find out now?

I love writing. Seriously.

Many clients tell me how much they dislike writing. So doesn’t it make sense to engage someone who seriously loves it?

I’m also passionate about creating excellent content that gets results. I’m fed up with all the poorly written websites and printed marketing materials out there. And I’m determined to help businesses like yours avoid the fatal traps I so often see.

If you’re looking for an experienced copywriter or writing skills trainer who’s easy to work with, please contact me today.