Want to rank well on Google? This is the type of expert you REALLY need.

By Sarah Vanderschoot| 22 July 2020

Do you dream for your content to appear on that elusive first page of Google? (Let’s face it, who doesn’t?)

If so, you’ve probably learnt a thing or two about SEO content and keywords. But so have all the millions of other business owners out there – including your competitors.

So how do you make your content rank ahead of the pack?

Consulting an SEO expert is a smart first step. But then, who ends up writing your content – and will they have all the skills to make it a winner in Google’s eyes?

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Unsticking the stuck: my secrets to conquering writer’s block

By Sarah Vanderschoot| 28 January 2020

Your to-do list is longer than the line at an ALDI Special Buys sale. Your deadline is looming. And no ideas are coming. It’s plain and simple – you’ve got writer’s block (fear not – we’ve all been there, many times before).

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