Stop losing your sh!t while writing: 12 online tools you need to know about

By Victoria Zhu| 20 February 2019
Woman with red lipstick and pink shirt screaming in frustration in front of blue background

So you’ve been tasked with creating next month’s blog article, email newsletter or advertisement. But as we all know, writing can sometimes make you want to hurl profanities left, right and centre.

We hear you! In fact, we too drop the F-bomb every now and then (shh…).

So here are some of the most common frustrations we bet you’re shouting – along with some handy online tools to save the day!

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From the lecture hall to the office: here’s how to transform the way your grads write

By Victoria Zhu| 3 December 2018

If your business has just hired fresh graduates, you probably have a long list of things to teach them. But have you included business writing on your list?

If not, don’t be surprised if your grads’ emails read like complicated theses… rather than simple, clear messages.

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7 months. 7 lessons: My internship at Refresh Marketing

By Victoria Zhu| 15 December 2017

As a soon-to-be graduate, I was hungry to get my hands on some real-world experience. Lucky for me, I didn’t find just ANY internship – I found THE internship.

And now that I’m officially on the team (yay me!), I’d like to share seven lessons I learnt during my first seven months at Refresh Marketing.
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