7 lies you’re telling yourself about your shamefully old website

By Vikki Maver| 17 February 2021
Lies you are telling yourself about your old website

The Refresh Marketing website you see today was built in 2015. 

Back then, I was a lonely freelancer – offering limited services to a handful of clients.

Today, six years on, Refresh Marketing is a bustling agency with five writers on the team and 50+ client projects on the go at any one time.

So as you can imagine, the 2021 version of my business barely resembles the 2015 incarnation. 

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‘Our Favourite Gigs’ 2020

By Vikki Maver| 19 December 2020

LISTEN to our song now

Or sing it to yourself (lyrics below) to the tune of Julie Andrews’ ‘Favourite Things’!

Home office pods and vaginal thrush treatments
Electric bike stores and property developers
Private schools, unis and luxe holiday digs
These were a few of our favourite gigs 

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Do you make these embarrassing mistakes in your business writing?

By Vikki Maver| 21 August 2020
embarrassing mistakes in business writing

There are countless grammatical mistakes that compromise your credibility. And believe me, selecting just a few for this blog post was difficult.

In the end, I resolved to focus on those that annoy me the most.

So here goes: 10 grammatical mistakes that drive Vikki CRAZY (and do you no favours either).

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17 quick and dirty tips for hosting an online training session (from a true amatuer)

By Vikki Maver| 1 June 2020

Let me be clear, right off the Wuhan bat: when it comes to ‘virtual’ training, I am no expert.

(Face-to-face training’s another matter. I’ve been doing that for 12 years.)

But just like every other business owner and her cavoodle in 2020, this pandemic has forced me to create a COVID-Safe version of my offering – in an effort to keep my balance sheet in the black.  

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Murphy’s Law friggin screwed with me today. And this is what I learned.

By Vikki Maver| 20 May 2020

The moment I woke up this morning, I knew today was going to be memorable. A milestone day. A turning point in my business, if you will. 

And it was memorable. Just not for the reasons I had imagined in my romantic, annoyingly ‘half glass full’ mind. 

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How to write for your brand in this shitty new world

By Vikki Maver| 10 April 2020

I don’t have time to write a long intro for this post. And you don’t have time to read one. So I’m skipping the warm-up – and cutting to the chase. Here goes: 15 bite-sized tips to help with your corporate comms, copywriting and content marketing in this shitty, unfamiliar world.

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6 writing blunders to avoid in a crisis (with real ‘bad’ examples)

By Vikki Maver| 19 March 2020

There’s never been a more critical time to get your writing… right.

This week we’ve been knee-deep helping our clients improve their COVID-19 communications (mainly broadcast emails and social posts).

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Turn your sales proposals from ‘MEH’ – to a big fat ‘YEAH!’

By Vikki Maver| 18 June 2019
Happy man in dotted shirt pumping his fit

You’ve just wrapped up a meeting with a hot new prospect. And it went well. Really well. In fact, your gut is telling you it’s yours to lose. Now all that’s left to do is whip up a killer sales proposal – and the deal is done.

Easy, right?

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Stop losing your sh!t while writing: 12 online tools you need to know about

By Vikki Maver| 20 February 2019
Woman with red lipstick and pink shirt screaming in frustration in front of blue background

So you’ve been tasked with creating next month’s blog article, email newsletter or advertisement. But as we all know, writing can sometimes make you want to hurl profanities left, right and centre.

We hear you! In fact, we too drop the F-bomb every now and then (shh…).

So here are some of the most common frustrations we bet you’re shouting – along with some handy online tools to save the day!

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Transform your annual report from bland… to brilliant

By Vikki Maver| 22 January 2019

Annual report.

Say these two words to almost anyone and they’ll instantly think of a stale yearly report printed on thick stacks of paper… while they try to suppress a big fat yawn!

But times are changing. And so can you.

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