Here’s why my business is growing so rapidly. And it’s got nothing to do with me.

By Vikki Maver| 22 March 2016

As a freelance copywriter for over 12 years, working from home has been heaven.

Nothing beats the short commute (from my bedroom to my study) – or the sound of my washing machine doing its thing while I place the finishing touches on a copywriting project.

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5 steps to choosing a 5-STAR copywriter

By vikki| 15 September 2015

You’re reading this post because you know that the quality of your company’s written content is critical to its image and marketing efforts.

And you’ve also come to the (very sensible) conclusion that copywriting is a rare and valuable skill that’s worth paying for.

So you’re ready to engage a copywriter. High five to that. Now all you have to do is find one. Easy right?

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9 secrets to a ‘headache-proof’ freelance copywriting career

By vikki| 7 July 2015

After my son’s first day of school a few years ago, he came home announcing that he had some exciting news to share with me.

Guess what, Mummy!’  he said. ‘My teacher told me that mistakes are GREAT!’

Coming from a little boy who would fall to pieces at a failed dot-to-dot or Lego assembly, I was delighted to hear of his new-found enthusiasm for mistake-making.

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This experience taught me some important lessons about myself as a freelancer copywriter

By vikki| 6 February 2013

A couple of years ago I was contacted by the communications manager of a high profile organisation. It was 3.05pm on a busy Wednesday afternoon.

It was the kind of phone call freelance copywriters only dream about.

Getting straight down to business, my hot new prospect asked if I could rewrite an important letter by COB that day. Yes, you read correctly. THAT DAY! The letter was to be sent out to their 2,500+ contact database the following morning.

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Why I love my job

By vikki| 5 August 2010

How many jobs do you know that give you real insight into vastly different businesses and industries every day?

Today, I am writing content for a newly established food service consultancy.

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