Why Specialist Web Writing?

    You are probably about to spend money on a slick new website design. Right? You may also be thinking about how to give your website high visibility in Google. Right again?

    But if you don’t think about what your audience actually reads once they find your site, your impressive design and traffic levels will be wasted.

    Your website message must be clear. It must be compelling.

    Here’s why specialist writing techniques are needed for the web.

    You need to write for scanners

    Do you enjoy reading streams of text online? We all know how painful it is to read on computer screens.

    As web users, we prefer to scan. We pick out keywords and sentences of interest. And we skip over the parts we care less about.

    Skimming instead of reading is a fact of the web that has been confirmed by countless usability studies.

    Professional web writers know how to write for scanners.

    You need to instil trust

    Because a website is such an impersonal medium, you must know how to instil your audience with trust.  Credibility is critical online.

    So put aside the marketing speak and sales lines. Discard the boasts, jargon and clichés.

    Instead, make your content ‘accessible’. This means you must inform – not sell. Keep your tone informal. Introduce a human voice.

    It’s not about you. It’s about them.

    Guess what? People don’t care about your business, your products or services.

    They want to know how it will benefit them.

    Your website must clearly tell your audience that you have something valuable to offer. And that’s easier said than done because it takes a very specific approach to writing. An approach that most good web writers should know how to adopt.