Is the writing in your workplace good enough?

By Vikki Maver| 30 June 2011

Do you sometimes wonder about the quality of business writing among your colleagues? Would you like to see more professional output?

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4 things the Government can teach you about poor letter writing

By Vikki Maver| 14 April 2011

I recently received this letter from Simon Crean. Its purpose was to tell me that after the next Federal election, my home will no longer be in his electorate of Hotham.

Even though this news does not interest me greatly, it is important I am aware of it.

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How to get to your key messages – fast

By Vikki Maver| 24 February 2011
Finger on 'delete' button on keyboard

How many emails did you receive today? How many reports were placed in front of you? How many newsletters arrived in your inbox? With so much information, it’s not surprising we only pay full attention to a small number of the messages.

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A lesson in advertising from a six-year-old girl!

By Vikki Maver| 22 September 2010

I have a contrary six-year-old daughter. Particularly when it comes to fashion.

She likes to wear her tops back-to-front. Jeans under her dresses. Thongs with tights. And necklaces as headbands.

For four years, she and I had been battling it out. Until now.

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To apostrophe or not to apostrophe

By Vikki Maver| 27 August 2010

Poor grammar bugs many of us. And when it comes to your website content and other forms of marketing communication, sloppy mistakes detract from your message. And your brand.

People notice.

The apostrophe is possibly the most misused and abused punctuation mark of them all.

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Do you offer a complete web solution for your clients?

By Vikki Maver| 18 May 2010

If you’re a web designer or you work for a digital agency, chances are your clients expect you to advise them on all aspects of their online strategy. But do you tell them that good content is critical to their online success?

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Break the rules in business writing

By Vikki Maver| 18 May 2010
Six men standing in corporate suits, one man upside down in colourful clothes

I attend a gym class every Tuesday morning that involves lifting a lot of heavy weights. It also involves packing up those heavy weights at the end of the class.

The instructor, Frank, is very clear about the rules of his class. No one is to put their weights away until the end of the class – no exceptions. It’s unsafe. Plain and simple.

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Do you notice good writing when you see it?

By Vikki Maver| 27 April 2010

Poor writing is just like a sore knee

You only think about your knee when it hurts. In fact, when it hurts, that’s all you can think about. You’re not thinking about your run. Or your bike ride. Or your aerobics class.

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