(Not copycats.)

Looking for a strategic copywriting partner who will
dare you to be different? You’ve just found one.

At Refresh Marketing, we’re not your everyday copywriters. We’re also qualified and instinctive marketers. This means we know how to articulate your point of difference – and compel your audience to act.

So if you’re serious about standing out from the crowd, we could be exactly what you’re looking for.


Surprises are for birthdays – not business relationships. Discover what you can expect when you choose to work with us.


No vague or empty promises here. We offer simple, specific guarantees that no other copywriters are prepared to make.


We work with big brands, startups and small businesses of all kinds. And we’ve written for almost every industry under the sun.


A qualified marketer since 1996. A copywriter since 2004. And a writing skills trainer since 2008.

With a lifelong passion for branding and communications, Vikki applies a marketing lens to every copywriting project we take on.

She is also a bold and inspiring business partner who’ll challenge you to push boundaries – and present your brand in the best possible light.

Before founding Refresh Marketing in 2004, Vikki worked as a senior marketer in the corporate world. She also lectured and tutored undergraduate marketing students at Monash University for several years.

As our mentor and an esteemed corporate trainer, Vikki loves to share her expertise and sprinkle her passion far and wide.




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Wonder Property

Brochure copywriting
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St John Ambulance Annual Report 2016

St John Ambulance

Annual report writing
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Showtime Events Centre

Proposal copywriting
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First Aid in Schools Program

St John Ambulance Australia (Victoria)

Direct mail campaign copywriting
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College of Law

The College of Law

Website content writing
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Calvary Health Care

Magazine copywriting
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Hypersonic Industries

Catalogue copywriting
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Hospital Glamour feature

Hospital Glamour

Website content writing



Her suggestions and tips have been excellent

I was referred to Vikki by a colleague at Monash – and I’m so glad I was. I loved the way Vikki analysed our course descriptions and rewrote them in a short, simple and uncluttered way. Her suggestions and tips have been excellent.Since first helping us, we asked Vikki to rewrite our entire suite of printed material. I’m now keen to work with her on our online content too.

Naren Chellappah – Marketing & Communications Manager
Faculty of Education, Monash University

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The day went so fast!

Thank you for a great workshop – everyone really enjoyed it and felt they learnt a lot. The pace of the training was perfect for our group, you really kept it interesting and moving, which meant the day went so fast. Keep an eye on our web pages, am sure they will be greatly improved as a result of your training.

Rachael Ruz – Manager, HR Information & Systems
Deakin University

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Highly recommend Vikki to anyone serious about their image

Vikki has done a very good job capturing a relatively disjointed description of what our company is all about and coming up with an excellent document not only for our customer proposal template, but also for the entire website. I would highly recommend Vikki to anyone serious about their online or on paper image.

Michael Patishman – General Manager
BizTech Enterprise Solutions

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Presentation style was clear, fun and engaging

We invited Vikki in to train our team on how to write for the web. The course was interesting and relevant and Vikki’s presentation style was clear, fun and engaging. All trainees found the session very practical and worthwhile and we can’t wait to practise all her great writing tips as we rewrite our website in coming months.

Tracey Olive – Manager Corporate Services
Whitehorse Maningham Libraries

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