A seasoned copywriter
with a marketing soul

If you’ve landed here, you already know the value a professional copywriter will add to your brand.

But with me, you’re getting more than a copywriter.

You’re also getting a qualified and instinctive marketer who knows how to uncover – and articulate – your point of difference. So if you’re serious about standing out from the crowd, I could be exactly what you’re looking for.


Surprises are for birthdays – not business relationships. Discover what you can expect when you choose to work with me.


No vague or empty promises here. I offer simple, specific guarantees that no other copywriter is prepared to make.


I work with big brands, start-ups and small businesses of all kinds. And I’ve written for almost every industry under the sun.


You can take the girl out of marketing – but you can’t take marketing out of the girl (or so it seems)!

With a lifelong passion for branding and communications, I now channel my marketing prowess through the written word.

For me, copywriting is the perfect left brain-right brain partnership. I love talking creative strategy and grammatical correctness in equal measure.

And as a writing skills trainer for over 10 years, I get to share my expertise and sprinkle my passion far and wide.




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St John Ambulance Annual Report 2016

St John Ambulance

Annual report writing
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Showtime Events Centre

Proposal copywriting
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First Aid in Schools Program

St John Ambulance Australia (Victoria)

Direct mail campaign copywriting
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College of Law

The College of Law

Website content writing
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Calvary Health Care

Magazine copywriting
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Hypersonic Industries

Catalogue copywriting
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Hospital Glamour feature

Hospital Glamour

Website content writing
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Brochure copywriting



Articulated our point of difference perfectly

Thank you for rewriting our website content  – we really value your professionalism, advice and passion. You understood and articulated our point of difference perfectly. Your writing will certainly strike a more powerful connection with our potential clients.

Mary Sdregas – Director
JMRE Real Estate

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A well-paced and interesting web writing program

Vikki delivers a well-paced and interesting web writing program. She is extremely knowledgeable and inventive and the feedback from attendees has been extremely favourable. She is easy to work with and I would have no hesitation in recommending Vikki for the delivery of a web writing course.

Jill Lewis – Web Training Consultant
Deakin University

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Encapsulates feeling into succinct, easy-to-read content

Working with Vikki was a great experience. She was engaging and perceptive and demonstrated a unique ability to encapsulate feeling into succinct and easy-to-read content. And due to the respect she holds in her industry, she was able to connect me with other professionals who also added great value to my business and marketing strategy.

Tom Crothers – Director
Crothers Financial Planning

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We received uniformly enthusiastic feedback

Vikki ran a terrific half-day Writing for the Web workshop for us. It was energetic, focused and engaging. She struck the right balance between explaining the foundation of effective online communication and practical activities. She consulted with us on what we needed prior to the workshop resulting in a presentation that was well-tailored to our needs. All the attendees from Victoria’s courts and other legal sector organisations gave uniformly enthusiastic feedback. I highly recommend her for in-house training.

Elisa Berg – Deputy Director, Manager Online Strategy and Publishing
Victoria Law Foundation

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