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Popping up on the interwebs

Putting people first

Detailing her career journey in marketing, Vikki speaks to Maxme about the importance of human-led strategies and philosophies in her working world.

Striving to set the bar for a nurturing workplace

In an interview on The Why Between The Lines podcast, Vikki shares her 'why'.

The secret to websites that wow

Vikki explains why content shouldn't be (but often is) an afterthought for small business websites - and how to prioritise it.

Crafting a memorable small business brand

Vikki shares with Dynamic Business why brand identity is more than colours and logos.

Meet the lady behind the brand

Behind the Brands gets to know our leading lady, Vikki Maver.

How Vikki discovered the M word

Vikki tells Monash Marketing Students’ Society when she discovered the world of marketing –  and how it changed her life.

The struggle is real

Vikki shares how she juggles being a business owner and a busy mum (with other busy mums).

Pandemic writing blunders

Vikki writes for Bluewire Media about the many writing blunders she saw during the pandemic.

How Vikki adapted her training to the virtual world

When life threw a pandemic her way, Vikki only had one choice. To adapt.

‘Just get out there!’

Vikki gives some sound advice about how to believe in yourself, follow your gut... and just get out there!

Straight-talking tips for small business

In a two-part article for Inside Small Business, Vikki shares her insights on comms in COVID times.

A feminist perspective on writing in the workplace

Vikki tells ARNA how she’s had enough of unnecessary apologies and over justification.

This copy strategy will surprise you

Learn how promoting your weaknesses can actually help you build trust and distinguish you from the competition.

How to write a ‘bad news’ email

Bad news is never easy to break. That’s why you need Vikki’s step by step guide.

All about her ‘Accidental Career’

A recap of Vikki’s keynote speech at the AMI Emerging Marketers Victoria (EMV) Mentoring Program in 2017.