6 writing blunders to avoid in a crisis (with real ‘bad’ examples)

By Vikki Maver| 19 March 2020

There’s never been a more critical time to get your writing… right.

This week we’ve been knee-deep helping our clients improve their COVID-19 communications (mainly broadcast emails and social posts).

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Unsticking the stuck: my secrets to conquering writer’s block

By Sarah Vanderschoot| 28 January 2020

Your to-do list is longer than the line at an ALDI Special Buys sale. Your deadline is looming. And no ideas are coming. It’s plain and simple – you’ve got writer’s block (fear not – we’ve all been there, many times before).

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10 easy peasy ways to spice up your writing

By Sara Burke| 13 August 2019

Here at Refresh Marketing, we hear it all the time: It’s impossible to make our writing interesting when our subject matter is so boring.

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Turn your sales proposals from ‘MEH’ – to a big fat ‘YEAH!’

By Vikki Maver| 18 June 2019
Happy man in dotted shirt pumping his fit

You’ve just wrapped up a meeting with a hot new prospect. And it went well. Really well. In fact, your gut is telling you it’s yours to lose. Now all that’s left to do is whip up a killer sales proposal – and the deal is done.

Easy, right?

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Stop losing your sh!t while writing: 12 online tools you need to know about

By Victoria Zhu| 20 February 2019
Woman with red lipstick and pink shirt screaming in frustration in front of blue background

So you’ve been tasked with creating next month’s blog article, email newsletter or advertisement. But as we all know, writing can sometimes make you want to hurl profanities left, right and centre.

We hear you! In fact, we too drop the F-bomb every now and then (shh…).

So here are some of the most common frustrations we bet you’re shouting – along with some handy online tools to save the day!

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Transform your annual report from bland… to brilliant

By Vikki Maver| 22 January 2019
Red annual report with black symbol, white text and black circle

Annual report.

Say these two words to almost anyone and they’ll instantly think of a stale yearly report printed on thick stacks of paper… while they try to suppress a big fat yawn!

But times are changing. And so can you.

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From the lecture hall to the office: here’s how to transform the way your grads write

By Victoria Zhu| 3 December 2018

If your business has just hired fresh graduates, you probably have a long list of things to teach them. But have you included business writing on your list?

If not, don’t be surprised if your grads’ emails read like complicated theses… rather than simple, clear messages.

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How to write a ‘bad news’ email: your step-by-step guide

By Vikki Maver| 30 November 2018

Rejecting an award applicant. Reporting a job loss. Communicating that you can’t give a customer what they want.

Informing people of bad news is a reality of business and life. And although it’s commonplace, so many people get it… so wrong.

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