Copywriting courses for teams

Crank up the power of their words

If your company’s marketing materials are becoming tired and irrelevant, why not inspire your people with real copywriting secrets and techniques?

Run by our founder Vikki Maver, ‘Copywriting for Non-Copywriters’ is a one-day workshop that will give your marketing team practical tips for writing ads, brochures and digital content that gets results.

What your team will learn

‘Copywriting for Non-Copywriters’ will teach your marketing team how to use words that:

  • Make audiences sit up and take notice
  • Articulate a true point of difference
  • Communicate with conviction
  • Establish credibility
  • Connect through emotional appeals
  • Inspire action

How it works

Your workshop will be:

  • Highly interactive and practical
  • Tailored to your team and your specific training objectives
  • Held in your office (or online) on a date that’s convenient for you
  • Based on a fixed fee for a set number of attendees
Exactly what I was hoping for

Fantastic and valuable day, Vikki. You managed to cover so much useful content and my team got a huge amount out of it. The mix of theory and activities was also exactly what I was hoping for. This workshop has given us a lot to improve on and I am sure will make a real difference.

Michael Jones | Chief Marketing Officer

Very thorough

The workshop was very thorough. It was great how we critiqued actual examples from our own marketing materials. My team has already started to use the new guidelines and think about writing for digital consumption – something which was not considered before.

Danika Crawford | National Marketing Manager

Better copywriting
is now in reach