our values

Real values –
without platitudes

Do we value things like ‘service’, integrity’ and ‘quality’? Of course we do. But words like these are just… words. Empty words.

That’s why, when we wrote our corporate values, we dug to the depth of our souls (dramatic we know, but just go with it?) to nail down what really matters to us – and how we do things differently.

So what are our corporate values? And why should you care? We’re delighted you asked.

We want WOW

We strive to WOW from every angle.

In the way we write. The way we communicate with you and your team. And of course, in the way we service you.

Our aim? For every interaction you have with us – no matter how small – to remind you that you are in the best possible hands.

We are excited

Think your business or industry will bore us? Worried your project will be considered ‘routine’ – or your subject matter too tricky?

Not a chance.

Why? Because we approach every piece of work with genuine drive and enthusiasm. And we love a challenge.

For you, our excitement will be palpable. And hopefully, contagious too.

Always hungry. Always curious.

If you get annoyed when people ask lots of questions, we’re not the right team for you.

That’s because our mantra is to question everything… and assume nothing.

By being curious in all we do, we’re able to crawl into your world – and into the hearts and minds of your customers.

Our hunger to learn about your business is insatiable.

We’ve got this

We know how nerve-wracking it can be handing your brand and hard-earned dollars over to a new team.

Will they get us? Will they come through with the goods?

Although building trust takes time – and small steps towards strategic partnerships are important – we want you to know that you’re in good hands with us.

Not just because of our years of experience and ridiculously high standards. But because we care.

We’ve got this. We’ve got each other. And we’ve got you.

A step and
a hop ahead

Although we’re known for the ‘wonder’ of our words, we’ll never have you thinking “I wonder where my project is at”.

That’s why we make processes, timelines and expectations insanely clear. We also love nothing more than sending an ‘update email’… just in case.

And if a problem or challenge pops up? Expect us to come to you (with ideas and solutions)… before you have the chance to come to us.

It’s all good

Not loving the headline we crafted? All good. Think the image we chose sucks? No problemo.

At Refresh Marketing, we know feedback is never personal. And we don’t ever want you to feel uncomfortable about giving it to us.

Our only concern is delivering you a final outcome that you truly love. (And if that means we have to take some constructive feedback along the way? Bring it on.)

Keep it real

Truth, openness and honesty. These are the pillars of trust and our business.

So don’t expect us to tell you what you want to hear. Expect us to say what you need to hear.

And we insist you do the same in return.

So if we make a mistake or misjudgement (yes, we’re human too!), we’ll own it.

No excuses or passing the buck. And certainly no playing politics with us.