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You bring the words – we bring the wow

Want a grammatically perfect report and the peace of mind that comes with it? Or a polished tender submission that stacks the odds in your favour?

All business writing benefits from an expert editor’s eye. And our team is as expert as they come.

As editors, our only aim is to strengthen your writing – and your reputation. No interference. No changes you didn’t ask for.

So whatever your needs, leave your words with us. We’ll send you back a document that shines.

The tools in our editing tool belt…

Logical flow

Need help with structure and flow? We look at the big picture – not just the nitty gritty.


Don’t know where to put that comma? Or whether to use ‘which’ or ‘that’? Leave it to us.


From start to finish, we’ll make your document is consistent in tone, font and spelling.


We – and your readers – love clear, meaningful subheadings. And short, snappy paragraphs. We’ll make sure your document is scanner friendly.

Active sentences

Are goals being kicked? Or are you kicking goals? At your request, we’ll flip those heavy-going passive voice sentences into the active voice.

Tidy formatting

We can ensure your document comes back clean and tidy. No uneven line spacing to be found.

Style guide adherence

Does your company have a writing style guide? If it does, send it over with your document. We’ll ensure your writing obeys its every command.


Creating a logical, cross-referenced index is a tedious task. Let us take it off your busy hands.

Plain English

Some jargon is necessary. Some just gets in the way. We can carefully weed out words that could be simplified for maximum readability.

What do we edit? The sky’s the limit.

Industry reports

Emerging trends. Empirical research. Predictions about your sector’s future.

Whatever it covers, your industry report positions your business as a thought leader – a trusted source of truth. So don’t let a typo on the front page undermine your credibility.

We’ll ensure your report is free of errors and inconsistencies – ready to be released to the public eye.

Course guides

Do you work for an educational institution?

We can nurture your course guides to a professional standard – just as you do with your students.

We’ll adhere closely to your organisation’s style guidelines as we edit, keeping your branding and wording consistent.

Tender submissions

When a critical contract is on the line, every detail matters. That’s why tender submissions should be handled with utmost care.

If you need an airtight copyedit, we’re here for you. But if you also want our advice on the structure of your submission, we’re ready for the challenge.

Whatever the case, we’ll make sure your submission stands out.

Business plans

Give your stakeholders confidence – and your team clarity – with a business plan that’s as clean as it is compelling.

Once you’ve laid out the roadmap for your business, send the plan our way. We’ll give it the meticulous attention it deserves.

User and owner manuals

When a customer buys your product, they need to know how to use it. Obviously.

Whether it’s for a car, a toy, or heavy-duty machinery, we’ll make sure your manual is clear and simple. While always keeping your branding intact.

Brand guidelines

Brand guidelines should exemplify your company’s professional standards. But typos, clunky sentences and misplaced commas can derail those efforts.

We can bring your brand guidelines up to snuff – by taking your words up a notch.

White papers

Lead generation and trusted thought leadership are key reasons to publish a white paper.

But you’ll need a fresh pair of eyes to ensure this lengthy document hits the mark.

We can edit your white paper for consistency, clarity and error-free writing. With our streamlined editorial process, it will be in excellent hands.

Company policies

Policies must be clear, concise and professional.

And nothing interferes with that like a big, fat typo (or two).

When your company policy is ready for fresh expert eyes, we’ll go through it with a fine-toothed comb – ensuring everything is up to scratch.

Award applications

A prestigious award helps your business stand out. But before that happens, your application needs to stand out to the judges.

We can give your award application a meticulous proofread – and if you wish, an honest, critical review.

Either way, we’ll work to help your award application leave a lasting impression – and stay top-of-mind when the judges make their decision.

See the work

Judicial College of Victoria

It read much more cohesively, with a single voice

As a result of RM’s work, the prospectus read much more cohesively with a single voice which is exactly what we were seeking. Thank you again for fitting this job in at such short notice and being so easy to work with.

Dr Liz Richardson | Acting Director Judicial Education

Monash University Faculty of Engineering

A pleasure to work with

Anyone can write but copywriting is an art form that Refresh clearly demonstrates. It’s also the approach to clients through understanding often complex briefs and audiences which has made it a pleasure to work with them on a number of projects for Monash University.

Nicole Sims | Associate Director

St John’s Ambulance

Knowledge and passion shines through

Refresh has been a tremendous help to us. Their knowledge and passion for writing shines through every piece of work. Our 2015 and 2016 Annual Reports specifically stand out. They’ve taken the time to understand every aspect of our organisation to ensure their work clearly represents who we are. I’m looking forward to working with them again.

Lucy Duvnjak | Marketing Campaign Executive

Lost for words? We'll find them.