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The words on your website matter . A lot.

People visit your website to decide whether to do business with you. That means your written message must be clear, distinctive – and compelling.

If it’s not, potential buyers will click away in a heartbeat. Poof. Gone.

So don’t fool yourself into believing that rehashing old brochure content will be good enough. Nor should you expect in-house staff to have the specialist writing skills you need.

In our expert hands,
your website content will be…

Instantly intuitive

Visitors come to your website with specific questions on their minds.

And they want answers. Fast.

That means your site structure and navigation must be instantly intuitive.

With years of experience planning and scoping new websites, we can determine how your pages should be organised and presented.

It’s all about creating the optimum user experience.


The first question many people ask themselves when they sit down to write their own content is…

‘what do we want to say?’

But what they should really be asking is…

‘what do my readers want to know?’

It’s a rookie error. And a dangerous one.

We will challenge you to always think from your customers’ point of view. And to keep your content reader-focused.

Easy to scan

Online audiences are ruthless and impatient. They hate reading.

Instead, they prefer to skim and scan web pages to help them find what they’re looking for as quickly as possible.

And if they can’t? They’ll give up – and move on.

When we write your content, we’ll also structure it for scanners, ensuring those key messages jump off the screen (and smack people in the face!)

Ridiculously clear

The best written websites are those that communicate a business’ purpose and differentiators – within seconds.

As your website copywriters, we can give you the fresh perspective and expertise you need to achieve just that.

For us, clarity of message is everything.

Crisp & concise

At first, it’s very common for our clients to want to include every last detail about their business on their website.

But brevity really is the key to powerful website copywriting.

As web content specialists, we know how to say more with less – and communicate your key messages with immediate impact.


Knowing how to select keywords and integrate them into your content greatly increases your chances of getting noticed by Google.

But you never want to sacrifice readability in the pursuit of high rankings. And you should never have to.

As professional web copywriters, we know how to balance both goals perfectly.

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Change of Plan

A wonderful

Working with Refresh Marketing has been a wonderful experience. The team has been very helpful, professional and quick. They provided excellent communication throughout, as well as excellent copy for my website. The process has been a delight!

Melanie Ellis | Director

Beaton Executive Coaching

The time, trouble and care taken was remarkable

I love my website. Every time I look at it, I love it more. The time, trouble and care you have taken has been remarkable – as has your skill and professionalism. I can’t wait to refer my clients so they too can experience the same magic.

Margaret Beaton | Director

Force Fire

Anyone would be out of their mind not to use them

Working with the Refresh Marketing team has been an absolute delight! They were my backbone in getting this website up and went beyond every expectation. Anyone would be out of their mind not to use them. Thank you.

Bridgette Azzi | Executive Assistant

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