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ChatGPT in practice: How to write the perfect prompt

Writing with ChatGPT? Great! But are you getting the most out of your responses?

Prompt writing is an art. And just like all art forms, good technique is critical. That’s why we outlined the best way to approach your prompts – in one handy cheat sheet!

Download this bad boy, and pull it up whenever you get a’prompting.

Your handy customer journey content menu

You have so many content ideas. So many people you could push them to. But the question you’re still facing is: HOW and WHEN do I say it?

Our tip? Publish content that aligns with each and every step of the customer journey. It’s our hack to staying relevant, and creating content that compels and converts!

This simple content menu will keep you calm and confident in the journey too. So keep it saved, and pull it up whenever you’re feeling lost.

Social media marketing cheat sheet

Content marketing on social media can be time consuming. And daunting. Especially if you’re trying to do it all, on every platform.

Our guide lays out the good, the bad and the must-knows on the biggest social media platforms.

No matter what stage of your marketing journey, it’s always important to revisit the basics.

So dive in! Simplify your social media strategy today, and set yourself on the path to success with our exclusive cheat sheet.

The ultimate proofreading checklist

You’re about to send off an important document.

Pause. Have you given your work a proofread yet?

As writers, we proofread everything. But for many busy workers, this crucial last step is often overlooked – or not done at all!

That’s why we’re making it easy for you, with a simple proofreading checklist to make sure no mistakes are missed. So save it, pull it up and check before you hit send.

Your workplace plain English translator

When it comes to writing at work, fancy is not your friend.

But writing clearly and concisely doesn’t come naturally to everyone. Until now.

This guide exposes the time-wasting words and redundant phrases you and your team can ditch from today.

So, go on! Learn how to swap sophisticated for simple – and cut out the clutter – with our popular Plain English Translator.

A writing style guide for your workplace

Scattered styles and wild words in your workplace writing?

Every business needs its own writing style guide to ensure a consistent and credible brand. But if you’re not ready to invest in a tailored one just yet, we’ve got you covered.

The perfect head start for any workplace, this guide will get everyone on the same page – on everything from date and time formats to capital letters and punctuation.

So download now to share with your team today. You won’t be sorry.

How to write for a diverse audience

Your audience comes from all walks of life – and your writing should reflect that.

In line with the most up-to-date Australian Government Style Manual, this guide teaches you how to produce writing that includes and respects people of all cultures, genders, ages and abilities.

Educate yourself – and your staff – on the inclusive language that best connects with our community.

Golden rules for email writing

Poorly written emails cost your business big time.

Internally, your staff waste precious hours reading and writing them. Externally, your clients sense a lack of care and competence in your company.

From keeping things clear to perfecting your tone – our golden rules for email writing will save your time, money and reputation.

Your bullet-proof guide to bulleted and numbered lists

You and your colleagues agree on one thing: numbered and bulleted lists are the bomb. 

But perhaps you don’t agree so readily on when to use them – and how they should be formatted and punctuated.

While there’s no one ‘correct’ way to write lists, consistency should always be front of mind. 

That’s where this guide comes in. 

With tips on clarity, capitals, and everything in between – this guide is the key to learning when, why, and how to use lists.

Commonly confused English words

Which witch is which?

There are many similar words in the English language. 

And sometimes, even if you’re the cleverest writer, you can choose to use the wrong one in your writing.

So here’s a starting guide on the confusing word pairs you’re most likely to come across in your work.

Afterall, we don’t want anyone to look silly!

11 steps to writing a killer case study

Struggling to give your wins the words they deserve?

Quit smothering your success stories with second-rate writing. Discover our secrets to killer case studies – from structuring to stat chat.

Equip your content creators to write for easy and engaging reading. And showcase your performance with purpose and personality.

12 ways to spice up your digital writing

Scratching your head on how to engage your online audience more effectively?

If your gut is telling you that your company eDMs, blog posts and landing pages should be returning better results, this guide could make all the difference.

The perfect tool to share with your in-house content writers, this guide offers 12 tried-and-tested tips to revive your brand voice and create eye-catching digital content.

How to find hot topics to bling up your blog

Want to run a regular and engaging blog for your business, and your audience? But have no clue what to write about?

Well with this blog idea guide, we’re giving you the leg up, head start and upper hand you need.