The Why Between the Lines

Here at RM, we use written words to tell stories – about brands, people and products.

Our work spans industries, generations and life experiences. And we consider ourselves lucky to be able to hear all the fascinating stories our clients, partners and friends share with us.

But there’s nothing quite like hearing a story straight from the horse’s mouth. So we created a podcast.

Meet your host

You may know her as one of RM’s stellar copywriters. But Natalie Sia is also a
former radio presenter and TV newscaster. And now – our very own podcaster!

So, what’s it all about?

It’s easy to know what somebody does and how. But it takes a keen ear to understand the reasons why. To get a feel for the heart of a venture.

And in this podcast, that’s what we’re after. Why start a business? Why commit to a cause? Why labour over a passion project?

Our mission is to hear and share inspiring stories. And to understand the why behind it all.

Listen to all episodes

Season 1

Trailer: The Why Between the Lines

S01 E01: Why Felicity de Lang is a culture change guide

S01 E02: Why Natalie Philipps-Mason advocates for neuroinclusive workplaces

S01 E03: Why Mitch Green is passionate about landscape photography

S01 E04: Why Phillip Kingston believes everyone is a salesperson

S01 E05: Why Chiquita Searle champions the full-force feminine power

S01 E06: Why Vikki Maver strives to set the bar for a nurturing workplace

Want to share your ‘why’?

If you want to:

  • Tell your story and share your message
  • Get your brand out to a wider audience
  • Tap into RM’s established network
  • Talk shop, drink tea and enjoy yourself!