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Your business docs will be dry no more

Every day, your staff members are expected to write on behalf of your business. But unless they have the right tools and templates, how can you be sure they’ll uphold quality all the time?

That’s where we come in.

As staunch plain English advocates, we can help your people communicate clearly and professionally to clients and stakeholders – day in, day out.

(And if you’re really serious about the quality of your team’s writing? We also offer tailored business writing courses for corporate teams.)

Annual reports

Your annual report is a snapshot of your year and a chapter of your organisation’s story. So it’s important to communicate your triumphs with pride and passion.

And we can help you do just that. How? By bringing a keen strategic eye to your project.

We’ll ensure your report speaks to all key stakeholders with a seamless structure, a consistent narrative and the right tone of voice throughout.

Writing style guides

Do your staff regularly disagree on things like date formats, the use of acronyms or the ‘correct’ way to punctuate bulleted lists?

Or perhaps you’re just fed up with the inconsistency across your team’s written communications?

Let us help you address these problems (and more) by producing a tailored writing style guide for your business.

Sales proposals

All too often, we see businesses overlook the importance of their proposals in closing sales.

But, with a well-written, clearly-structured and convincing proposal, your prospects are much more likely to sign on that dotted line.

We help businesses in all industries improve their sales proposal templates.

The result? Faster decisions. And a fatter bottom line.

Tender responses

Responding to a big tender is both daunting and time-consuming for all involved.

So why not let us give you a helping hand?

We can edit everyone’s contributions to ensure the quality and consistency of your final submission.

We’ll also ensure your pitch is clear and persuasive to give you the best possible chance of success.

Letter & email templates

Is it time to revamp your letter and email templates?

Perhaps they’re overly formal or outdated. Or maybe they fail to get your messages across clearly and concisely.

We can give you the fresh perspective you need.

We’ll work closely with you to rewrite your templates  ensuring they achieve your communication objectives.

Media releases

Launching a new product or service? Merging with another business? Appointing a new CEO?

We can write you a press release to help you get the message out there.

A short, catchy headline. An instant hook. A unique angle. These are just some of the critical ingredients we include when writing your press release.

See the work

Emmy Monash

Worked hard to produce great work

With a short lead time, Refresh Marketing was attentive to our needs and worked hard to produce great work that had the sentiments we were after.

Sally Vanston | Communications & Marketing Coordinator

Flow Power

We’ve come a long way with your help

Thank you very much for all your assistance. It is always great to have your input, improving our message to the market and bringing consistency into everything we do. We’ve come a long way with your help.

Bill van der Linden | Manager

St John Ambulance

Her passion shines through

Vikki has been a tremendous help to us. Her knowledge and passion for writing shines through every piece of work. Our 2015 and 2016 Annual Reports specifically stand out. She’s taken the time to understand every aspect of our organisation to ensure her work clearly represents who we are. I’m looking forward to working with her again.

Lucy Duvnjak | Marketing Campaign Executive

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