The REAL reason we created a podcast

The REAL reason we created a podcast

If you know me (even a little), you’d know I love listening to podcasts. 

But the operative word there is listening. I never considered actually launching one of our own here at RM. 

First of all, I already talk in front of audiences every week. But secondly, I’ve also been trying my darndest to be less busy in recent years. Why on earth would I add another project to the mix?

(And seriously folks – does the world really need another content marketing podcast? I certainly didn’t think so.)

But that all changed when, earlier this year, Senior Copywriter Natalie Sia told me she was about to immerse herself in a new personal project. Which was of course… a podcast

Her angle for said podcast? 

Interviewing people she admired, to uncover their WHY: Why they do what they do – whether it’s for work, a good cause or a passion project. 

And as it turned out, she did in fact have an ulterior motive for sharing her idea with me.

‘I was wondering, Vikki… would you be one of my guests?’ Nat asked shyly.

‘OMG, Nat, I’d love to. But I have a question for YOU: Would you consider producing this podcast on behalf of RM?’

I’ll never forget the sparkle in her eye as I asked her this. Nor my excitement when she said… YES!

It was game on. 

You see, Nat’s a former news anchor, and radio producer and presenter – and an expert interviewer. So I knew she was already a natural behind the microphone. And that there was no better person to be representing the RM brand in this context.

What’s more, it was the perfect subject matter (and completely different to what other content or copywriting agencies would be producing).

Uncovering the WHY behind our clients’ organisations – and the people who lead them – is what RM is all about. We do it through our copywriting work every day. But even we know that storytelling needn’t be limited to the written word

Did I think the podcast would become a money-making juggernaut for our agency? Definitely not. But I did believe it would help raise our brand profile and get our message – as well as the messages of our amazing guests – out there. 

Importantly, Nat was also feeling a little flat professionally at that time. So this was something fun and new for her to get stuck into. It really was a win-win all round.

Fast forward six months to today, and the final episode of season one of The Why Between the Lines just dropped. (Nat’s latest guest? Yours truly. 😉) 

And amazingly, with hundreds of downloads per episode, our humble little project has been a legit success. The podcast has resonated. 

It’s been a major endeavour for Nat. As a Senior Copywriter, she always has lots of copywriting projects and client deadlines on the go. And now she had to find the time to also schedule, record and edit a bunch of podcast episodes. Her juggle was real.

But she made it happen. And I couldn’t be prouder. Of her – and the results. 

Every episode is engaging. And so polished, too. I seriously had to pinch myself each time I listened. Does RM really have its very own – uber professional – podcast?  

Yes, Vikki. Yes, it does.

A huge thank you to Natalie Sia for her talent and dedication to this project. And also to our eloquent, interesting – and carefully selected – guests: Felicity de Lang, Natalie Phillips-Mason, Mitch Green, Chiquita Searle and Phillip Kingston. 

Want to know WHERE you can listen to their WHYs? Check out The Why Between the Lines on Spotify or Apple Podcasts.