I don’t believe in surprises

Expect fixed prices

I give fixed prices for every writing project, so you always know what your investment is upfront (down to the last cent).

Other writers will quote you an hourly rate and simply ‘see how it goes’. But that’s unpredictable for both parties. Plus, hourly rates rarely give writers the incentive to be efficient.

Charging ‘by the word’ is a senseless approach too. Isn’t business writing all about saying things in the most economical way possible?

Expect me to work until you’re happy

I’m often asked how many rounds of changes are included in my quotes. My answer? As many as you need until you’re 100% happy.

That’s my copywriting guarantee.

Expect the invoice to match your quote

There will be no surprises come invoice time either. The amount on your invoice will always match the written quote I give you before the project begins.

Sometimes the scope will change – and that’s a reality of business. But I’ll always tell you beforehand if your changes will impact my original quote and by how much.

Expect your deadline to be taken seriously

I don’t make promises I can’t keep. So if your deadline is just too tight, I’ll tell you. Don’t forget: a quick job is rarely a quality job.

And when I tell you I can meet your time frames, I will. No exceptions. No excuses.

Expect me to ask (lots of) questions

Before I start writing, I will ask you lots of questions – about your business, your marketing strategy, your industry and your competitors.

Sometimes it’s not immediately clear why an offering is unique. And sometimes it’s not easy to translate the features of your product or service into true customer benefits. But that’s where I come in. I’ll pick your brains until I’m sure I have something compelling to communicate.

If you’re looking for a copywriter or writing skills trainer who is clear and upfront from the outset, please contact me.