Does your team write clear
and engaging digital content?

If not, I can arm them with the skills they need


‘Dynamic Digital Writing’

A tailored workshop for corporate teams –
presented by me, Vikki Maver of Refresh Marketing.

Online audiences are impatient…
and ruthless

Is your team expected to write online content – such as websites, email newsletters and blog posts – on a regular basis?

If so, it’s unwise to assume they already possess the specific skills they need. And it’s critical they understand the distinctive behaviours of web users.

There’s no doubt about it: poorly written online content will frustrate your customers and send them away. And all it takes is just one click. Gone.

Thankfully however, it doesn’t have to be this way. Not any more.

This workshop will turn your team into skilled digital writers

‘Dynamic Digital Writing’’ is a face-to-face or online workshop that will immediately improve the impact and power of your team’s online writing.


Delivered at your location or online – at a day and time that suits you


Customised to your business, using your team’s actual writing samples


Hands-on, practical activities with facilitator feedback throughout


Small group sizes for maximum engagement and involvement

Comprehensive yet accessible for all skill levels

‘Vikki’s an energetic, focused and engaging presenter. She strikes the right balance between explaining the foundation of effective written communication and practical activities. Course content was comprehensive, yet accessible enough for all skill levels to learn a great deal.’

Elisa Berg | Deputy Director, Manager Online Strategy and Publishing

What will your team take away?

Your team will become more effective and confident digital copywriters straight away. This course offers practical techniques to help participants:

  • Understand the online audience ‘mindset’
  • Know how to write for scanners
  • Create web-friendly, customer-focused content
  • Create content that’s consistent and brand-aligned
  • Inject humanity and authenticity into their writing
  • Learn how to elicit a response

Ideal for content teams across large organisations

This workshop is for anyone who writes on a daily basis. Even your most skilled writers will walk away with renewed confidence.

City councils
Comprehensive, practical and well-targeted

‘After our first session, we asked Vikki to come back and conduct the web writing course to another three groups. The course was comprehensive, practical and well-targeted. It far exceeded our expectations.’

Jade Gulliver | Website Officer

So why choose me to train your team?

Firstly, I’ve been doing this for a very long time

I’ve been training teams since 2008. That’s thousands of people across more than 100 organisations. So naturally, I’ve come to learn what works and what doesn’t – and how to adapt my training to different groups.

And as a former Monash University lecturer, I’m very comfortable in front of a crowd.

But I also know my stuff

Being an engaging presenter is just half the story. When it comes to writing skills training, your team deserves to learn from a subject matter expert.

And with me, that’s what they get – a communications professional
with 16+ years’ writing experience.

  • Writing is my bread and butter. It’s what I do day in, day out.
  • I use the techniques I teach, every day (that’s how I know they work).
  • Better yet, your team will love hearing my real-life stories and entertaining anecdotes.

So who would you rather spend your money on? A trainer who simply conveys the information – or an experienced practitioner who lives it?

Delivered beyond our expectations

‘Vikki created a course that suited our needs perfectly. In an industry filled with off-the-shelf training packages, it was ‘refreshing’ to find someone who understood our needs and delivered a product beyond our expectations.’

Marc Lacoste | National Concierge Manager

Your delivery options


Ideal when

Your team is able to gather easily in one location

Course structure

Six hours of training delivered in one day (typically 9am-3pm)

Max number of participants

Up to 15

How it works

I come to your workplace and deliver my course to your team in a single day.

I bring my own laptop with a preloaded presentation – and printed workbooks for all participants.

Face-to-face workshops are always preferred where possible. For this reason, I regularly travel to workplaces across Australia to conduct my training (travel expenses may apply).


Ideal when

You team is dispersed or working remotely

Course structure

Six hours of training broken into two 3-hour live online sessions (across two consecutive days)

Max number of participants

Up to 10

How it works

I send your team a link to my virtual classroom the day before – and away we go! No software to download or long login routines.

And I assure you, this delivery mode is far from passive.

That’s because I use a highly interactive online training platform called Newrow. With live quizzes, practical activities and breakout rooms, I work hard to keep your team engaged from beginning to end.

And because I hold the sessions in real time, your staff can still ask questions and receive feedback on their writing, then and there.

Other businesses that I have trained

But here’s the best part

My training is guaranteed!

Because I have been training with outstanding results for so long, I am extremely comfortable in offering this guarantee:

If you feel your people don’t get value from the training, you don’t have to pay.

It’s as simple as that.

A well-paced and interesting web writing program

‘Vikki delivers a well-paced and interesting web writing program. She is extremely knowledgeable and inventive and the feedback from attendees has been extremely favourable. She is easy to work with and I would have no hesitation in recommending Vikki for the delivery of a web writing course.’

Jill Lewis | Web Training Consultant

Got some burning questions?

I’m always only a phone call away. But if you’re reading this at some ungodly hour, here are some quick FAQs you might find useful.

Do you run training sessions for individuals?

Yes. Learn more about my public webinars.

Can we train more people than themaximums set?

I cap face-to-face sessions at 15 people and online sessions at 10 people because I believe groups any larger than this reduce opportunities for interaction and feedback.

So if you have more people to train than this, please ask me about a special rate for multiple workshops.

What will our team learn?

Please contact me for a full program outline. In the meantime, here’s a small taste of what I cover:

  • How to write online personas – a practical activity
  • 3 facts about your online audience (you didn’t want to know)
  • The dos and don’ts of effective web linking
  • How to make scanning effortless for your audience
  • Effective online headlines

But please let me stress: I always tailor sessions to my clients’ needs. So the program outline should be taken as a guide only.

What is the structure of the sessions?

Workshops are always fun, engaging and interactive.

Although I do lay down some important theoretical foundations at the start, the sessions are hands-on and activity based. I encourage lots of dialogue and discussion – and work hard to get everyone involved.

Is the online training option live or self-paced?

I facilitate every online session in real time.

My goal is to match the face-to-face learning experience as closely as possible and to give participants the opportunity to ask questions and share their thoughts.

Live online training also offers the added benefit of your team learning at the same time and place – which results in more immediate and lasting change.

What technology does my team need for online delivery?

In terms of hardware, all your staff need is a computer or laptop with a working microphone and webcam.

And because I use a cloud-based training platform, they don’t need to download any software beforehand. They simply login 5 minutes before start time (just to check their cameras and microphones are working) and off we go.

What do we get for our investment?

  • Fully customised course material using actual examples for your team to critique and improve
  • A 40-page workbook for each participant (also a valuable reference long after the workshop is over)
  • One-on-one feedback on any piece of writing participants bring to the session (for face-to-face workshops only)
  • A handy one-page checklist for your team to keep by their side whenever they write.

How do you charge?

I charge a fixed fee for groups of up to 10 or 15 people (depending on your delivery option), not per head. That’s why I always encourage my clients to take advantage of all spots for maximum value.

And remember: all workshops are tailored to your needs at no added cost.

Please contact me for a quote.

Yes , we want our team to write clear and engaging digital content

For more information call 1300 558 005. Alternatively, complete this form and I’ll get right back to you!