Courage to Care

Courage to Care is a not-profit organisation that visits schools and workplaces across Victoria to educate people about stand up behaviour – and the dangers of prejudice, racism and discrimination. The organisation calls on us each year to write their fundraising appeal letters and eDMs. And each year, these communications continue to achieve strong financial results. From day one, we’ve been adopting a more emotive, human and engaging tone – a noticeable departure from their previous, more conservative approach. In late 2020, we also rewrote their entire website.


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Client love

The team was innovative and flexible in their approach

Refresh Marketing was an absolute pleasure to work with. Our project had some challenges yet the team was innovative and flexible in their approach, as well as efficient and approachable throughout. We are thrilled with their results – an early estimate on one of their communication pieces looks like they may have doubled the revenue of last year's appeal! We are so grateful for the fantastic work they've done for us.

Natalie Pryles | Project Director