Why an in-house digital or web writing course is a smart idea

How well does your organisation manage and maintain the quality of its website and email marketing content?

If your people are expected to write digital content without the necessary training or expertise, your brand will be suffering. That’s because, to write well online, they need to understand the distinctive behaviours of users in the digital environment. Training is essential.

So if you’re ready to remedy the variable standards of digital content your team is producing, this one-day course is the answer.

What your team will learn

Run by our founder Vikki Maver, our one-day digital and web writing workshop provides proven techniques for creating effective online content that gets results. It’s designed to help your team:

  • Understand the online audience ‘mindset’
  • Know how to write for scanners
  • Create web-friendly, customer-focused content
  • Create content that’s consistent and aligned with your brand
  • Connect with audiences through humanity
  • Learn how to elicit a response

How it works

Your workshop will be:

  • Highly interactive and practical
  • Tailored to your organisation and your specific training objectives
  • Held in your office on a date that’s convenient for you
  • Based on a fixed fee for up to 15 attendees

Keen to learn more?

Ready to discover more about our in-house digital and web writing course? Just click on the image below…

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And don’t forget about Vikki’s training guarantee

Vikki has been running writing skills workshops with outstanding success since 2008 – so she’s confident your team will get real benefit. That’s why she offers this training guarantee:

If you feel your people don’t get value from the day, you don’t have to pay. No exceptions. No excuses.

Please contact us for pricing and a detailed outline of our web writing course.