The words on your website matter. A lot.

Why do people visit your website?

Is it for the colours, fonts and images? Or is it to gain useful information about your business?

Don’t get us wrong, a professionally designed website is critical. But what use is a fancy looking site without a persuasive written message to go with it? It’s just like a shiny new car with a faulty second-hand engine.

We have the specialist web writing skills you need

Writing for the web requires a very specific approach. And not all copywriters have the skills you need. So before you engage anyone to write your website, make sure they have the necessary expertise.

Here’s why specialist writing techniques are needed for the web.

It’s all in the brief

Creating great website content doesn’t start with typing the words. It starts with understanding your business and your audience.

We love writing websites because we get to learn every last detail about your business. Be warned though: we’ll ask you lots of questions to uncover what’s truly different about your business.

Find out how to prepare a useful web content brief.

We can plan the structure of your website too

The structure, navigation and content placement on your website must be clear and intuitive to your audience. Visitors expect to find what they’re looking for – quickly and easily.

We have a lot of experience in planning and structuring websites. We can help you determine how people would expect your website content to be organised and presented.

Selecting and integrating key words and phrases

You’ve probably heard the hype about ‘Search Engine Optimisation’ or SEO. Essentially, SEO is the art and science of increasing your website’s visibility in search engines – particularly Google.

Many factors impact your ranking. However, the one we can help you with is incorporating relevant key words and phrases into your website content.

If you’re looking for website content writers with proven marketing expertise and the hunger to understand your business inside-out, please contact us.