If you don’t know how to write for ‘scanning’, you don’t know how to write for the web

By Vikki Maver| 14 February 2012

Scanning instead of reading is an undisputed reality of web user behaviour. If a quick scan doesn’t give people what they want, they won’t spend time searching for it.

I regularly train people on how to write for the web. And I’m often asked by delegates: “How can I make my audience read the entire web page?”

The answer? DON’T TRY.

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Three facts about your online audience (you didn’t want to know)

By Vikki Maver| 6 February 2012

Writing good web content doesn’t start with typing the words. It starts with getting to know your online audience.

And the first step to knowing your audience is to accept the realities of web user behaviour – how we all typically think and behave when visiting a website as a potential new customer.

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