Has your business come to a blogging standstill?

    You know your business needs a blog.

    But if you’re like most businesses we come across, you’re finding it impossible to get it off the ground – or to simply keep it going.

    That’s because writing blogs takes time, expertise… and discipline. How can you possibly produce regular, relevant content when you have a business or marketing department to run?

    And if writing doesn’t come naturally to you? You’ll fall down a rabbit hole of frustration, every time you try.

    You’ve made my life so much easier

    Thanks again for the blog articles – everything was spot on and you’ve made my life so much easier! We have made very little changes to the content, which is what I was aiming for. You’ve made the copy read so well.

    Lorin Heah
    National Digital Communications & Brand Manager


    Stand still no more – we can help!

    Refresh Marketing is a Melbourne-based copywriting consultancy that understands the challenges you face.

    That’s why we’ve designed three refreshing blogging packages for busy business owners and marketing managers who recognise the value of quality, branded content.

    And here’s what we promise:

    First-class copywriters who obsess over every word they write
    Premium, engaging articles aligned to your brand messages
    A fixed monthly investment to make budgeting easy
    A truly attentive team… who are only a phone call away!

    Want to pay peanuts? Expect monkeys!

    Content can come scarily cheap these days. Thanks to sites like FIVERR and Copify, anyone in the world (with Wi-Fi and a laptop) can now call themselves a copywriter.

    But quality writing comes from years of experience. It demands high attention-to-detail. And a deep understanding of today’s distracted readers.

    So why put your brand in the hands of an amateur who wouldn’t recognise a passive sentence or wayward apostrophe… even if it hit them in the face?

    The best decision we could have made

    Refresh Marketing helped us clarify our thinking around our brand and writes for our audience in a way we never could. Engaging them was the best decision we could have made.

    Cathy Caballero


    Why quality content is so important

    As long as we publish something, we’re still ahead… right? Wrong.

    Generic, copy-cat content can damage your brand, screw your SEO – and alienate your target audience. Even mediocre content will hurt your brand more than doing nothing at all.

    Quality customer-focused content, on the other hand, will:

    Boost your brand identity and authority
    Improve your online visibility (SEO)
    Nurture existing and future customer relationships
    Command attention in this content-cluttered world

    We’ve come a long way with your help

    Thank you very much for improving our message to the market and bringing consistency into everything we do. We’ve come a long way with your help.

    Bill van der Linden


    Pick your package

    We’ve designed three refreshing options to make blogging consistent – and compelling. So go ahead… and take your pick!



    We’ll sweeten up
    your existing drafts.

    What you get
    An original, engaging article every month

    Article length
    Up to 500 words

    Round of revisions
    Up to 2 per article

    Your monthly task
    Provide us a rough draft for agreed article topic

    Our monthly tasks
    Edit and refine your article draft to perfection.

    $379 + GST
    per month




    We’ll squeeze fresh articles out of your juicy ideas.

    What you get
    An original, engaging article every month

    Article length
    Up to 750 words

    Round of revisions
    Up to 2 per article

    Your monthly task
    Provide key messages and supporting information for approved article topic

    Our monthly tasks
    Transform your notes into an engaging article

    Perform online research if required

    $579 + GST
    per month



    The royal treatment. We’ll craft articles from scratch – and publish them too.

    What you get
    An original, engaging article every month

    Article length
    Up to 1,000 words

    Round of revisions
    Up to 3 per article

    Your monthly task
    Approve article topic – and grab a latte while we get to work

    Our monthly tasks
    Write your article from scratch

    Perform online research if required

    Publish article to
    your WordPress site

    Include meta-descriptions

    Source and select image – and optimise online for SEO

    $779 + GST
    per month

    Required for all packages:

    Content strategy workshop,
    plan & publishing calendar

    A Content Strategy Workshop: your secret to success

    It’s easy to write a simple blog post. But to consistently craft articles that align with your brand, engage with your readers… and offer them genuine value?

    That’s a whole new blog game.

    Critical for an effective, sustainable blog, your Content Strategy Workshop will help us identify your target audiences, articulate your brand messages – and define your ideal tone of voice.

    Here’s what you’ll get:

    A 2-hour workshop involving key members of your team
    A succinct content strategy document
    A 12-month publishing calendar

    A little more about Refresh Marketing

    At Refresh Marketing, we write Blogs with a capital B. Because we’re Writers with a capital W.

    As a small team of marketing-minded wordsmiths, we work hard to understand your business and the personality of your brand.

    And we care deeply about every piece of content we produce.

    What’s more, everything we write is polished and approved by our founder, Vikki Maver.

    Vikki is a qualified and experienced marketer with 15 years’ experience as a copywriter… and 10+ years as a writing skills trainer.

    A lot of positive feedback from our clients

    The quality and professionalism of our content has greatly improved since we began to engage you. You’ve helped us identify and communicate the key messages of our brand and I’ve received a lot of positive feedback from clients since.

    Lior Rauchberger


    Have a question? We thought so.

    How do we know what to write about?

    Coming up with diverse, relevant topics every month is often the reason businesses neglect their blog.

    That’s why we recommend a Content Strategy Workshop before you start.

    During the workshop, we sit with your team to explore your brand story, brand messages, target audiences and more.

    From there, we document your content strategy and create a 6 to 12-month publishing calendar with scheduled topics for you to approve.

    Do you write SEO-friendly content?

    If your customers love your content, so will Google.

    No need to play tricks or stuff your content with keywords.

    So the answer is a resounding YES!

    And if you choose The Whole package, we’ll publish your content according to SEO best practice.

    What about photos?

    If you’re going to invest in quality content, you need to invest in quality images too.

    In other words, generic, cliché stock photography won’t cut it.

    As part of The Whole package, we’ll help you select brand-aligned imagery for every article we write.

    How should we promote our content?

    Excellent question.

    There’s no point paying for juicy content unless you’re going to promote it to the right audiences.

    Good news. Refresh Marketing can help plan and manage your e-newsletter or eDM strategy as well.

    What’s more, we partner with a sensational social media strategist who can help you get your content in front of new eyeballs too!

    Are there any lock-in contracts?

    If you opt for the free Content Strategy Workshop, then you must commit to a 12-month program.

    Otherwise, it’s month-to-month.

    And because we always work in advance, we do need a months’ notice if you choose to discontinue.

    What package is right for our business?

    If you’re having trouble deciding, get in touch and we’ll talk you through it.

    And if none of the packages are quite right for your business, we’re more than happy to create something that is.

    Let’s get started

    Please call us on 1300 558 005 to get your blog going today. Or simply fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you – in a flash.