Business writing training for individuals

    Introducing ‘Business Writing Essentials’

    A fun & engaging online workshop for
    business owners and professionals

    Live online training

    6 hours of live online training
    (split over two sessions)

    Interactive & practical

    Quizzes, activities and
    facilitator feedback in real time

    Personal & engaging

    Limited to 10 people
    per workshop for an intimate
    learning experience

    Just $395 plus GST per person
    Or $355 plus GST if you book before 8 Nov 2020
    (use promotional code: ‘EARLYBIRD’)

    Full of practical ideas and takeaways

    ‘If you’d like to improve your writing skills, take Vikki’s workshop. This webinar is full of practical ideas and takeaways that can easily be applied to your writing.

    I’ve always struggled to gather my thoughts and plan my writing – and this is exactly what Vikki covers in her session. I’ve definitely started to notice how I’m writing already – I look forward to putting Vikki’s tips into practice.’

    Karoline Godoy

    Marketing Coordinator

    Do you struggle to write with clarity and conviction?

    If you find it hard to get your thoughts down on paper, you are not alone.

    That’s because writing doesn’t come naturally to everyone. And too often, we rely on the writing skills we were taught at school – which are largely irrelevant for today’s busy, distracted readers.

    So if you’re finding that your emails, reports, proposals and other written communications are being ignored or misunderstood too often, it’s time to do something about it.

    This webinar will change the way you write – forever

    You will become a more effective and confident writer in just a few hours. With a focus on plain English writing, this webinar offers practical techniques to help you:

    Write clearly, simply and succinctly
    Write for your audience and stay ‘reader-focused’
    Effectively plan, draft, edit and proofread your written work
    Write persuasively for impact, influence and action

    And it’s packed full of value

    6 hours of
    live training

    Personal, intimate and

    40-page writing
    skills workbook

    Yours to keep and refer back
    to – for years to come

    Small group

    Meet and connect with like-
    minded business professionals

    Just $395 plus GST per person
    Or $355 plus GST if you book before 8 Nov 2020
    (use promotional code: ‘EARLYBIRD’)

    A wonderful learning experience

    ‘Immediately after completing the course I started implementing Vikki’s writing tips and techniques. I highly recommend this course.

    Everyone can benefit from this content. Thank you Vikki and the team for a wonderful learning experience.’

    Dorit Jaffe

    Executive Assistant and
    Social Media Officer

    Designed for people of all professions and writing abilities

    With a focus on writing emails, reports and proposals, this webinar is for anyone who writes on a daily basis.

    Customer service,
    admin and operational staff
    Sales and marketing
    Business owners, managers
    & executives

    So why choose me as your trainer?

    Firstly, I’ve been training people since 2008.

    So naturally, I’ve come to learn what works and what doesn’t – and how to adapt my training to all types of people.

    I am also a former Monash University lecturer and tutor.

    But being an engaging presenter is just half the story.

    As founder and director of successful copywriting consultancy Refresh Marketing, I am also a subject matter expert with 16 years’ writing experience.

    This means I use the tips and techniques I teach – every day.
    (That’s how I know they work.)

    So who would you rather spend your money on? A trainer who simply conveys the information – or an experienced practitioner who lives it?

    The wake-up call that I needed

    ‘Vikki’s workshop has helped me improve on my business writing skills. I had fallen into the trap being too wordy and less informative in my communication.

    It was more than a refresher course on writing for business. It was the wake-up call that I needed to boost my communication with stakeholders.’

    Stewart McCarroll

    Student Liaison Officer

    So much more than a video presentation

    Many presenters treat webinars as simple videos for you to passively watch.

    Not me. I use a highly interactive online training platform called Newrow. With live quizzes, practical activities and breakout rooms, you will be engaged from beginning to end.

    And because I hold the sessions in real time, you have the opportunity to ask questions and receive feedback on your writing, then and there.

    Frequently asked questions

    When is the next workshop?

    Held over two days, the next workshop runs across the following days:

    PART 1
    Tues 8 Dec 2020
    9.30am-12.30pm (AEST)
    PART 2
    Wed 9 Dec 2020
    9.30am-12.30pm (AEST)

    All participants need to attend BOTH sessions.

    I can’t make these dates. Is there another one coming up?

    I usually hold my Business Writing Essentials webinar once a month. If you are interested in attending a different session, join my waitlist now

    What is the duration and structure of the webinar?

    The webinar is 6 hours all up – split into two parts held in separate days. Both parts run for 3 hours with a 15-minute break midway.  

    All sessions are fun, interactive and engaging, with plenty of practical learning. I also encourage questions throughout and work hard to get everyone involved.

    For a breakdown of the structure and content of the training, download my program outline.

    Do I need to attend both sessions?

    Yes. As there is a lot of information to cover, I split the course over two days. This means that the content in each part is different.

    What will I learn?

    You can download my program outline at any time. But here’s a small taste of what I cover in my webinar:

    • The four pillars of plain English writing
    • 8 golden rules for writing clear sentences
    • Three important questions to ask about your audience
    • Avoiding unnecessary words and word groups
    • Writing emails that will actually get read

    Is the training live or self-paced?

    I facilitate every webinar in real time. 

    My goal is to match the face-to-face learning experience as closely as possible and to give my participants plenty of opportunity to ask questions and share their thoughts.

    What technology do I need?

    In terms of hardware, all you need is a computer or laptop with a working microphone and webcam. 

    And because I use a cloud-based training platform, you don’t need to download any software beforehand. Simply log in 5 minutes before start time (just to check your camera and microphone are working) and off we go.

    How do I register and pay?

    When you click register now, you will be directed to a TryBooking page. There you will be asked to enter your personal information, contact details and credit card number. 

    Feel more confident in my writing

    ‘Vikki’s training was helpful and insightful. I became aware of common errors I have been making – so many blind spots! I also feel more confident in writing clear and concise emails and reports.

    I strongly recommend Vikki’s training.’

    Kacper Gancarz (CA)

    Senior Consultant