This workshop will change the way you write. Immediately. And forever.

Presented by Vikki Maver of Refresh Marketing, ‘Business Writing Essentials’ is a proven 6-hour course for all types of people – in all types of roles.

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Reviews from course participants

Should be part of the national curriculum

This course should be part of the national curriculum. I believe everyone can benefit because you will learn to communicate clearly. And in this crazy and fast paced digital world this is so important.

Nitai Campbell | Business Owner

An engaging & wonderful facilitator

The business writing course was fantastic! Vikki is engaging and a wonderful facilitator. I found the content to be valuable and the activities throughout the course were a great way to apply the theory.

Venita Dimos | Lawyer, Mediator

Very practical in today’s business world

I highly recommend Vikki’s Business Writing Essentials course to everyone from any profession and any background. Very practical and useful in today’s business world.

Brad Joass | Project Finance Manager

I am looking for writing skills training for:

Trusted by leading organisations

Reviews from CEOs, managers
and HR professionals

Universally positive feedback

The business writing session was well-received by an initially skeptical audience. Participants gave universally positive feedback around Vikki’s engaging and instructive facilitation style, and all attendees were able to gain valuable insights and ideas regardless of their level of competence or confidence.

Stuart Strickland | Group L&D Manager

Exactly what I was
hoping for

Fantastic and valuable day, Vikki. You managed to cover so much useful content and my team got a huge amount out of it. The mix of theory and activities was also exactly what I was hoping for. This workshop has given us a lot to improve on and I am sure will make a real difference.

Michael Jones | Deputy Director of Marketing
The College of Law

Started using it
right away!

Thank you again for the fantastic workshop you presented to our team today. Everyone was enthusiastic about what they learned with you. And you were right, they have started using it right away! You produced exactly what I was looking for, if not more!

Nettie Handley | CEO
Complete Risk Analysis Australia

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