Business writing training

    Then it’s time to do something about it

    Are you fed up with the poor quality emails, reports and proposals your team is producing? Are you concerned about the impact this is having on staff productivity – or more importantly, your brand?

    Well thankfully, you can now do something about it. And all it takes is just one day!

    Available across Australia, Business Writing Essentials from Refresh Marketing is a one-day training program that:

    Your team will actually apply to their work every single day
    Results in an immediate improvement in writing for all participants
    Will be held in your office on a date that’s convenient for you
    Can be tailored to your organisation at no added cost

    Vikki always rates in the ‘exceptional’ category

    ‘Vikki has trained hundreds of our staff and her courses are always very well received – rating in the ‘exceptional’ category in our evaluations. She builds a respectful relationship with our employees and understands our commercial objectives. Vikki is very much an asset to our organisation.’

    Lyndsey Smith – Capability & Engagement Advisor, Organisation Development

    Designed for professionals of all writing abilities

    My one-day business writing course is designed for any professional that writes on a daily basis – from admin and customer service staff to managers and executive teams.

    Even your most experienced writers will walk away with a renewed confidence and new skills.

    Your team will learn techniques relevant to all mediums, with an emphasis on writing more effective  emails, letters, reports, business cases and proposals.

    Comprehensive yet accessible for all skill levels

    ‘Vikki’s an energetic, focused and engaging presenter. She strikes the right balance between explaining the foundation of effective written communication and practical activities. Course content was comprehensive, yet accessible enough for all skill levels to learn a great deal.’

    Elisa Berg – Deputy Director, Manager Online Strategy and Publishing

    What will your team take away?

    Your team will become more effective and confident writers in just one day. With a focus on plain English writing, this course offers practical techniques to help your team:

    Write clearly, simply and succinctly
    Write for the audience and stay ‘reader-focused’
    Plan, draft, edit and proofread written work
    Write persuasively for impact, influence and action

    Thrilled with the results

    ‘Everyone gained something practical and we felt the time investment was well worthwhile. We were thrilled with the results!’

    Suzana Ristevski – Strategic Marketing Director

    So why choose me to train your team?

    Firstly, I’ve been doing this for a ridiculously long time

    I have been training teams since 2008. That’s hundreds of people across more than 50 organisations.

    Naturally, I’ve come to learn what works and what doesn’t – and how to adapt my workshops to different groups.

    And as a former Monash University lecturer, I’m also very comfortable in front of a crowd.

    But I also know my stuff

    Being an engaging presenter is just half the story. When it comes to writing skills training, your team deserves to learn from a subject matter expert too.

    And with me, that’s exactly what they get – a passionate communications professional with 13+ years’ writing experience.

    Writing is my bread and butter – it’s what I do day in, day out.
    I practise what I preach. I use the techniques and tips I teach every single day (that’s how I know they work).
    Better yet, your team will love hearing my real-life stories and entertaining anecdotes.

    So would you rather spend your dollars on a trainer who simply teaches the subject matter – or an experienced professional who actually practises it?

    Delivered beyond our expectations

    ‘Vikki created a course that suited our needs perfectly. In an industry filled with off-the-shelf training packages, it was ‘refreshing’ to find someone who understood our needs and delivered a product beyond our expectations.’

    Marc Lacoste – National Concierge Manager

    I travel across Australia

    Although I’m in Melbourne, I regularly run training for clients in Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Canberra.

    Based outside of metro Melbourne? That’s not a problem either. I’m also very familiar with the highways across regional Victoria.

    And unlike other training providers, I’ll never slot in a ‘local resource’ to come train your team. Your trainer will be me – and always me. It’s the only way I can ensure a consistent, quality delivery every single time.

    Exactly what I was hoping for

    ‘Fantastic and valuable day, Vikki. You managed to cover so much useful content and my team got a huge amount out of it. The mix of theory and activities was also exactly what I was hoping for. This workshop has given us a lot to improve on and I am sure will make a real difference.’

    Michael Jones – Deputy Director of Marketing

    But here’s the best part…

    My workshops are guaranteed!

    Because I have been training with outstanding results for so long, I am extremely comfortable in offering this workshop guarantee:

    If you feel your people don’t get value from the day, you don’t have to pay.

    It’s as simple as that.

    Terrific feedback on every occasion

    ‘We regularly engage Vikki to conduct business writing training for managers across three campuses at Deakin University. She delivers at a good pace and her writing tips are effective and easy to implement. Vikki also tailors the course content to our organisation, keeping the sessions relevant and engaging.’

    Sandra Mussett – Executive Officer (Office of The VP)

    Got some burning questions?

    I’m always only a phone call away. But if you’re reading this at some ungodly hour – or while playing on your phone at your kid’s school concert – here are some quick FAQs you might find useful.

    Do you run public sessions for individuals?

    No. I only run in-house programs on clients’ premises (for groups of up to 15 people). Here’s why:

    By learning together, your team will develop a sense of unity and consistent approach to writing
    Your session can be tailored to your specific needs and areas of concern
    I can incorporate relevant examples and activities that your team will relate to
    Can we train more than 15 people?

    You sure can. Just let me know how many you have in mind and I can work out the best solution for you.

    I cap sessions at 15 people because I believe groups any larger reduce opportunities for personal interaction and feedback.

    I have a handful of larger clients (typically local government organisations and universities) who invite me in to train new groups of staff once a month or quarter. If this is of interest to you, please ask me about a special volume rate.

    What will my team learn?

    Please contact me for a full program outline. But in the meantime, here’s a small taste of what I cover:

    The four pillars of non-fiction writing
    How to cut your writing time down in half
    8 golden rules for writing clearer sentences
    Effective headline ideas to make life easier
    3 questions to ask about your audience
    Avoiding unnecessary words and word groups
    Rules you can (sometimes) break
    Writing emails that will actually get read

    But let me stress: I always tailor sessions to my clients’ needs. So the program outline should be taken as a guide only.

    What is the structure of the sessions?

    Workshops are always fun, engaging and interactive.

    Although I do lay down some important theoretical foundations at the start of the day, the sessions are hands-on and activity based. I encourage lots of dialogue and discussion – and work hard to get everyone involved.

    What do we get for our investment?
    Fully customised course material using actual examples for your team to critique and improve
    A 40-page workbook for each participant (also a valuable reference long after the workshop is over)
    One-on-one feedback on any piece of writing participants bring to the session
    A life-time invitation for participants to contact me for feedback on any piece of business writing
    How do you charge?

    Unlike other providers, I charge a fixed fee for groups of up to 15 people (not per head). That’s why I always encourage my clients to get bums on all 15 seats for maximum value.

    And because I don’t believe in generic training,  all workshops are tailored to your needs at no added cost.

    However, fees may vary slightly according to your location and workshop length. So please get in touch for a quote.

    Yes, we’re ready to boost the quality of writing in our workplace

    For a full program outline and pricing call 1300 558 005.

    Alternatively, complete this form and I’ll get back to you in a flash!