Don’t cut corners when it comes to content

Don’t cut corners when it comes to content

If you are currently planning your online strategy, how much thought have you given to content?

People visit your website to decide whether to do business with you. And although design and functionality are critical, your written message is what’s going to connect with your readers. It’s what engages them, encourages them to read more, and what ultimately generates a response.

So don’t fool yourself into believing that cutting and pasting text from old brochures is going be good enough.

Here’s why you should never treat content as an after-thought – and why outsourcing your copywriting is a smart idea.

Professional web copy gets better results

Every headline and every sentence on your website needs to be perfectly written. You need to convincingly communicate your point of difference – and the tangible customer benefits you have to offer.

If you can’t clearly articulate your unique positioning, people will lose faith in your business before you’ve even had a chance to interact with them.

Brevity is essential

People need to instantly see that you offer exactly what they’re looking for – or they won’t spend time searching.

Professional web copywriting is clear, concise and easy to scan. Sentences are short, paragraphs are succinct and headlines are crisp and compelling.

Your goal is to communicate key messages in as few words as possible. And that’s easier said than done.

You may be too close to your business

The first question many people ask themselves before writing their web copy is: ‘what do I want to say?’

But what they should really be asking is: ‘what does my reader want to know?’

It’s easy to fall into the trap of writing for yourself, rather than for your readers. And that’s because you are too close to your business to write any other way.

A fresh perspective can make all the difference.

You want to be found

It is not enough to simply have good content. You also want to be found by visitors in their online search.

Choosing the right keywords and knowing how to integrate them into your web content greatly increases your chances of Google prioritising your website.

But you never want to sacrifice readability in the pursuit of high rankings. And you should never have to. Professional web copywriters know how to balance both objectives perfectly.