How to get to your key messages – fast

How to get to your key messages – fast

How many emails did you receive today? How many reports were placed in front of you? How many newsletters arrived in your inbox? With so much information, it’s not surprising we only pay full attention to a small number of the messages.

As a copywriter, my challenges are always the same:

1. Find the best way to grab the attention of my client’s target audience.
2. Ensure they capture key messages quickly.

We all know the fight for people’s attention is fiercer than ever. It’s not easy. But once you have it, you’re still only half way there. You must then get to your point quickly. Damn quickly.

So what’s the most effective way to ensure your audience captures key message quickly?

Use. Fewer. Words.

Do you use any of these ‘rubber stamp’ expressions in your business writing? If so, try using the bolded words instead.

During the course of… During
Due to the fact that….  Because
In the event that… If
At this moment in time… Now
Prior to the commencement of… Before
Regardless of the fact that… Although
In order to… To
It would be appreciated if… Please

And there are many phrases we simply don’t need at all.


I would like to draw your attention to the fact that…
It is important to note that…
It has become clear…
It is possible that…
I would like to point out…

Now it’s your turn.

Have a go at replacing these five phrases with shorter, simpler alternatives.

  1. In a timely manner
  2. Until such time
  3. In the not too distant future
  4. On a daily basis
  5. Perform an analysis of

Have fun!