How copywriting has changed my life

How copywriting has changed my life

Shinier hair. A brighter smile. And new jaw-dropping dance moves.

That’s what you gain when you become a copywriter.

Okay, maybe not.

I can’t prove those results… yet. But I can share how working as a copywriter has changed me – and helped others.

So, here’s what happens when you become a copywriter:

You edit everything you read

Emails, ads and even dating app messages. After working as a copywriter, I now spot even the smallest grammatical errors.

I read everything in editing mode, rewording and revising the copy to make it more engaging.

Correct use of possessive apostrophes? It’s a swipe right from me.

You learn that copywriting is like baking

Excellent writing demands talented writers. But great writing alone won’t make your ad, newsletter or brochure a success.

From the graphic design to your company’s vision, you need to blend every ingredient of the copywriting cake to perfection. Too much flour or not enough sugar, and you’ll be left with a bland dessert.

You get to make a difference

Nurses, teachers, police officers and firefighters. When it comes to careers that help others, these may top your list. But when you become a copywriter, you can also make a difference by writing for not-for-profits and other meaningful organisations.

When you write engaging copy for these companies, you increase the amount of people who connect with and support their mission. This means more success for worthy causes – and a better world for all of us.

You stop taking things personally

Copywriting can kill your confidence. But it can also cultivate it. When you become a copywriter, you learn that even the best writers need their work edited. Changes are a standard part of the writing process, so you learn not to take feedback personally.

And when your first drafts do return with minimal changes, the feeling is so much sweeter.

You understand the power of – and need for – professional copywriting

Words can help, heal, honour and humble. They can shape opinions, challenge views and satisfy your clients’ needs. Besides photos, words are the most simple yet powerful way to connect with your audience.

But when you become a copywriter, you also see the impact of poor writing. The business world is full of it, and companies are suffering because of it. It’s easy to get wrong, but also easy to fix. And your business will thank you for it.

So no catwalk hair or Michael Jackson dance moves for me just yet…

But my smile has grown bigger, my satisfaction richer, and my social impact wider – since working as a copywriter.