Refresh at the movies: A summer film festival

Refresh at the movies: A summer film festival

After 3,045,662 days of lockdown, there’s no stopping the RM team this summer. Our adventures span four states, three countries… and six hunky co-stars!

Find out what we’re up to – while we’re out-of-the-office (and in the box office). Coming soon to a cinema not-so-near-you!

Titanic 2: Across the Bass Strait (2021)

After another turbulent year, Vikki Maver embarks on a family holiday for the ages.

Boarding RMS Titanic II: The Spirit of Tasmania, Vikki sets off in search of Tasmanian tranquillity – but she’ll find neither rest nor relaxation.

Instead of an iceberg, the vessel is hit with an outbreak… of laughter. Laughing fits spread from passenger to passenger, engulfing the entire vessel.

How will her family cope in laughter lockdown? And will the violinists continue playing as the chaos unfolds?

One thing is certain. In these waters, smooth sailing is anything but guaranteed.

Starring Vikki Maver
Written by Mitch Green

What Happens in Bris-Vegas (2021)

After six months, Sara’s back in Brissy, and she’s ready for a wild night in the valley.

Mildly buzzed on pink lemonade, Sara and her partner in crime – Chris Hemmy 2.0 – spontaneously find themselves winning an intense couple’s game of charades.

The catch? They must get married, then and there, to snag the jackpot.

But Sara suddenly comes to the blood-sugar-dropping realisation that Chris Hemmy 2.0 isn’t the man for her. 

What will Sara do?

Will she choose the money and marriage? Or will she pull out all the stops to skip town with the cash prize all to herself?

One thing’s certain, Sara better hope what she does in Bris-Vegas, stays in Bris-Vegas.

Starring Sara Burke
Written by Alis Amran

Gone (onwards and upwards) with the Wind (2021)

The past few years, General Manager and Lead Copywriter, Tori, has been the backbone of Refresh Marketing. 

From clients to her own team, this gem has generously offered her wisdom and kindness to anyone who’s had the privilege to work with her. 

But the time has come. The word whiz and business guru has her sights set on new horizons, new opportunities and new challenges. 

Where will she shine next? That’s anyone’s guess. But one thing’s for sure, she’ll be sorely missed.

Starring Tori McLennon
Written by Maddy Gilfillan

Into the Wild 2: Mitch Skips Town (2021)

It’s been a year.

Those are copywriter Mitch Green’s parting words to his friends and family before he leaves for the south coast of New South Wales. 

Fleeing the chaos of Melbourne, Mitch is ready, finally, to indulge his love for photography and reconnect with nature.

But after another year spent virtually untouched by humans, nature is not as Mitch remembers it. The wind is stronger, the sea stacks are taller, the ocean is… wilder.

Wherever he sets up his tripod, curious fish, dolphins and seals gather at the shoreline and, whether he’s carrying hot chips or not, the seagulls have taken a special interest in him. 

Sometimes, he swears they’re trying to tell him something…

What will Mitch discover as he explores this wild new world? During his Christmas trip away from the city, he’ll most certainly reconnect with nature.

It just might not be in the way he’d expected.

Starring Mitch Green
Written by Zach Garry

Confessions of an Op-shopaholic (2021)

Maddy has always loved buying second-hand.

Every time she walks past an op-shop, the preloved clothes, shoes and headbands beckon to her through the display windows. She simply cannot resist giving them a new, loving home in her wardrobe. 

But her credit cards have other ideas. One by one, they start to decline her humongous hauls.

Maddy’s best friend thinks she needs help. Maddy thinks buying one more item will help her feel better…

To fund her op-session, Maddy tries guest blogging for a financial e-magazine. Surprisingly, her article on shopping wisely goes viral. And sparks begin to fly with the editor-in-chief. 

Will Maddy finally get on top of things this summer? Or will her love for op-shops ultimately ruin her career – and relationships?

Starring Maddy Gilfillan
Written by Natalie Sia

Picnic Panic at Lake Tyers (2021)

It couldn’t be a better summer day. Birds chirping, sun in the sky, no work. The perfect day for Nat and her family to embark on a picnic at Lake Tyers. 

With two young ones bouncing off the back seats, and the ‘Bluey’ theme song on repeat, the excitement was palpable. 

But oh no! Something is missing. The picnic rug. 

Nat was sure she packed it. The back boot. The front seat. The glove box. The picnic rug is nowhere to be found! 

Disappointed and deflated, the whole family erupts in tears. Will this ruin her perfectly planned day? Or will the family put their heads together and find a solution?

Starring Natalie Sia
Written by Sara Burke

Zach finds Nemo (2021)

After a long chaotic year, Zach hopes for a peaceful and quiet trip to his homeland, Tasmania. 

So when Papa Garry suggests a snorkeling expedition, the young lad is quick to grab his goggles and flippers. He knows with his head underwater, he’ll truly be able to block out the craziness of the world.  

But what Zach finds amongst the seaweed is an unexpected friendship with a troubled little fish who has lost his way in life, Nemo. 

What ensues is a journey through the depths of the sea and the depths of a cross-species bond.

Can Zach do what he does best and be the friend Nemo needs in his time of stress?

Starring Zach Garry
Written by Maddy Gilfillan

The Myles Ducks (2021)

Reckless young copywriter Myles Birch overlooks a wayward apostrophe and is arrested by the grammar police – sentenced to 100 hours community sport.

But Myles says no to footy. No to soccer. His heart belongs to the ice, and the puck.

He searches on his neighborhood Facebook page. Ah! A group of young ice hockey players need a coach. Stat. The perfect way for Myles to do his time.

The kids are a mess on the rink. Slipping and sliding into the walls.

But through his mentorship, he teaches them the way of the puck. But will the kids teach Myles a thing or two about grammar in the process? That’s anyone’s guess.

Starring Myles Birch
Written by Mitch Green

Home for the Holidays: A Malaysian Mission (2021)

Alis, marketing maestro and copywriting pro, decides to make the most of her time off this summer. How? By heading home to Malaysia.

But her flight experiences unexpected turbulence – of the written kind. Her aeroplane magazine is poorly punctuated. Her menu lacks flow. And the safety pamphlet handed to her is far from user-friendly. 

This sends Alis into a tailspin. Her palms sweat and her glasses fog up at the sight of so many unruly, poorly used words.

How will she escape the flying metal tube with her sanity? Will she grip the armrest – praying for a quick flight home? Or will she pull out the pen and copy edit like never before?

One thing’s for certain, she’ll be leaving a nasty (well-written) review on

Starring Alis Amran
Written by Myles Birch