To write your own website copy, or not? The big question.

To write your own website copy, or not? The big question.

Thinking of tackling your website’s words yourself? Bold move.

It might have its merits. But how does it stack up against outsourcing to a professional copywriter?

We’ve unpacked the upsides to both approaches.

Why DIY?

Sometimes, the best way to learn is to do

Who’s to say you won’t swim if you throw yourself in the deep end?

We’ll admit, writing your own website copy won’t be a walk in the park (if your standards are high, that is.)

But the experience can also be exciting. As a business, coming up with your website’s words can be the perfect opportunity to understand and articulate your value proposition and offering.

However, if it’s your first web writing rodeo, you might not hit the nail on the head. You will learn a thing or two, though!

It’s a chance to get creative

Sadly, once school’s out, people’s creative outlets get put on the back burner. Even worse, writing becomes a forgotten artform for many.

Words are a cerebral superfood. Like broccoli for the brain. (Okay, we might be a touch biased.)

So if you choose to write your own copy your mind will thank you for the wordy workout. And it’s refreshing to try your hand at something different from day-to-day business.

You’re in control

Nobody knows your business better than you. So who better to decide how to represent it online.

When you’re calling the shots, you can write your website exactly as you see fit.

Though, as we’ll soon discuss, this isn’t always a good thing. But if complete control is what you’re after, we don’t blame you if you want to wander down the DIY path.

It’s budget-friendly (at least at the start)

Writing your own website might take your fancy if you’re on a budget

However, you’ll have to be prepared to put more of your own time into doing it, alongside all your other obligations.

Why outsource to copywriters?

We use tried and trusted methods

For leaky pipes, you call a plumber. When your car engine carks it, you see a mechanic.

Many things are safer in the hands of experienced professionals. Your web content is no exception.

When you enlist a copywriter, you’re using a specialist who has honed their knowledge and skills over years. Words are the tools of our trade – and it’s our job to determine exactly which ones will work on your website.

We bring a fresh perspective

What’s the good of entrusting your web content to an outsider?

Well, guess what? Your readers are outsiders too. And they’re probably not up with the industry-specific lingo that you’ve learned during your career.

Copywriters see your website in a similar way to your customers. So when we write your web content, it connects with the everyday people reading your website – not just experts like you.

We know what makes your readers tick

Your website isn’t for you. It’s for your readers.

But it can be easy to get wrapped up in what your business means to you (who can blame you?), not what it means to your audience.

Essentially, they don’t just want to know what you do. They want to you what you’ll do for them.

Copywriters know just how to push your readers’ buttons.

We learn their pain points, values and emotional triggers to perfectly position your business as the solution to their problem.

We know how to write for scanners

Arguably the greatest advantage in a copywriter’s arsenal is knowing how to how to write for scanners.

We don’t just write the words. We know how to structure them so your readers can find what they’re looking for in a flash.

We’ve mastered the art of keeping it simple. (It’s more complicated than it seems!)

We know how to make websites intuitive

Readers won’t mine through your website if they don’t strike gold straight away. As web guru Steve Krug suggests, they keep the mindset: ‘don’t make me think’.

So how can copywriters show readers what they came to see – without making them think?

By structuring the pages and their navigation in a way that feels natural. Your ‘About’ page and ‘Contact’ page will be front and centre, and your service pages will be labelled clearly.

We get it done

If you’re in a position where you need a website, chances are you’ve already got a stacked schedule. And when there’s other work to be done, it takes priority over writing your website.

Our work, on the other hand, is writing your website. So we can whip up your web copy while you get back to business.

Plus, we’re no strangers to strict deadlines. We see website writing at the bottom of businesses’ to-do lists for months on end. But once they leave their writing to the writers, we make it happen.

We know the mysterious ways of Google

Many people still believe – and will try to convince you – that keyword overload is the only way to win favour with the Google gods.

But while keywords do have their place in the algorithm, Google’s priority is actually a positive user experience – which only comes from quality content.

Copywriters are crafty with keywords. We know how to work them in without making your web content read unnaturally.

The result? A website that readers don’t want to click away from. And that lower bounce rate means a boost from Google.

We spark your audience into action

A dead giveaway for an amateur website is the bog-standard ‘click here’ or ‘contact’. Your readers don’t get excited about these lousy links.

And neither does Google.

Copywriters have cracked the code on how to write alluring links and compelling calls to action.

You’ll look like the real deal

The web whizzes at CXL say readers only take 0.5 seconds to form a first impression of your website.

A neat, well-written website ensures this first impression is a positive one – by showing readers that your business is credible, established and professional.

We proofread with precision

Try as DIYers might, they rarely have the eye to expose every error in their web copy. Or worse, they straight up publish without proofreading.

Here’s the bottom line: if you’re the only one working on your website, it’s easier for mistakes to slip through the cracks.

But copywriters catch these mistakes. And good ones follow a failsafe proofreading process to give your website that final polish.

Still set on writing your own website? Don’t DIY without our secrets to success.

Check out RM’s Web Writing Guide.