Why I love my job

Why I love my job

How many jobs do you know that give you real insight into vastly different businesses and industries every day?

Today, I am writing content for a newly established food service consultancy.

Their consultants advise large institutions (from aged care homes to universities) on how to improve the quality and efficiency of their catering service. Often, just a few simple process changes can lead to a massive shift in the mind-set and culture of an organisation. Not only for the people eating the food, but also for the people preparing and serving it.

Before Monday morning, I didn’t even know these types of consultants existed. But today, I feel like I am one.

Last week, I was an enterprise software developer. And the week before? I was a pre-school art therapy teacher.

It’s not hard to see why I love my job. Every day I get to tackle new challenges. Everyday I get to learn the ins and outs of different businesses and industries.

And I believe that’s the key to creating excellent website content.

I can’t imagine writing a website without first investing the time to get to know my client’s business and the industry they compete in.

If you have ever engaged a copywriter, were they desperate to get their hands dirty? Did they strive to become a part of your business and industry while working on your project?