How to get to the point quickly in your business writing

By Vikki Maver| 24 February 2011

How many emails did you receive today? How many reports were placed in front of you? How many newsletters arrived in your inbox? How many websites did you visit? How many letters did you open?

Too many to count. Am I right?

With so much information, it’s hardly surprising we only give our full attention to a small number of the messages we see.

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Are mates’ rates a good idea?

By Vikki Maver| 8 February 2011

A close friend of mine is our family dentist. I choose her because I believe she is excellent at her job – and pure magic with my kids. (My kids actually get excited about a trip to the dentist.)

After our appointments, the receptionist hands me a standard account which I dutifully pay. No questions asked. I don’t expect it to work any other way.

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