To apostrophe or not to apostrophe

By Vikki Maver| 27 August 2010

Poor grammar bugs many of us. And when it comes to your website content and other forms of marketing communication, sloppy mistakes detract from your message. And your brand.

People notice.

The apostrophe is possibly the most misused and abused punctuation mark of them all.

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The gun salesperson’s guide to creating great website content

By Vikki Maver| 19 August 2010

Yesterday I met a gun salesperson. Her name is Jeanie. I don’t need Jeanie’s services right now, but when I do she’ll be the first to know. No question.

So why does Jeanie make such an impact? And what does this have to do with creating great website content?

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How to make your online writing clear

By Vikki Maver| 11 August 2010

When it comes to online writing, you only have a few minutes to communicate what you offer – and what value your product or service will bring to your customers.

Your audience must be able to grasp your messages quickly. And easily.

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Why I love my job

By Vikki Maver| 5 August 2010

How many jobs do you know that give you real insight into vastly different businesses and industries every day?

Today, I am writing content for a newly established food service consultancy.

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